Friday, 28 March 2008

Be Prepared!

As my next door neighbours are expecting their third baby some time in July I thought I would, just like the Scouting motto, be prepared. As the gender is a surprise (she's had scans but hasn't asked for details) I've made one for either eventuality. Here's the baby boy version: Here's the baby girl version:
As with all of my cards, details of what I've used are included in my Webshots albums for anyone who wants to know more.
Why do I do that? Well, I love viewing other people's cards, scrapbooks and ATC's in online albums and blogs: not only is it a lovely way of gaining ideas and inspiration, it's also a great way to spot some gorgeous papers or embellishments etc etc but I have often looked and wished that they'd also added details of what they used. How can you go shopping for that must-have item when you don't know who makes it? LOL So I always include details, just in case anyone wants to go shopping. :0)

As for the Monthly Challenge: I completed the stitching on the back piece last night, after a couple of minor frog visits. If I can get my butt off this chair and out from behind my computer I fully intend to make a start on the finishing.............. except I'm trying a new finish, am not feeling that confident about it and so have resorted to prevarication. Despite knowing that I'll be really annoyed with myself if I don't make the deadline I'm still prevaricating. Sad, innit?

I had a surprise phone call from Jayne this morning. I fell in love with this months COM fabric, a pretty shade called Jonquil, which instantly shouted Papillon's freebie Garden piece at me. Jayne very kindly said she would have a go at dyeing a suitable sized piece in the same shade and she was checking if I still wanted her to do this. I love chatting with Jayne as it feels like I've known her forever and always end up laughing so much! I've also got some useful new goodies winging their way to me, so it's back to my favourite occupation of postie stalking tomorrow morning. :0)

You've probably seen my previous posts about the Most Haunted Live five night event in Turin. Has anyone else been watching it? If so, what do you think? So much hype and yet I can't help being disappointed with it so far: this new medium seems to be a bit of a drama queen at times, loves making sudden moves and noises that puts everyone on edge (reminds me of Derek Acorah!) and doesn't seem to come up with many hard facts that the historian can verify. All I can say is: please bring back David Wells!

Today is my DS's last day of work at the Pharmaceutical Warehouse. He's been going into the new place for an hour each morning this week for training, before going on to his current job - the earlier start has been a bit tiring for him but he should adjust to it before long, especially as it means he finishes work sooner from next week. He will have to go for a medical soon - a requirement for anyone working in that environment, presumably a Health and Safety ruling. They are also honouring the weeks holiday he had booked off for the Canterbury Tales Show Week in May, so that's a relief - as Stage Manager he has to be there and it's getting a bit late in the day for getting someone else in to take over. Fingers crossed all goes well next week!

Some of the weekend plans consist of looking for a new car for DH: we've had The Tank (Isuzu Trooper 4x4) for quite a while and it's starting to show its age and is developing odd knocking noises in the engine. Things like that usually end up getting really expensive (found that out already, when it broke down on the motorway on the way back from Sheffield hospital one evening a couple of years ago) so it's time to trade in. He had planned on doing this some time ago but had to put it on the back-burner when Dad was diagnosed. Hope DH doesn't opt for his mid-life crisis car, a Subaru sporty job - it may look good and go miles faster on the motorway than is actually legal but it's not a great tow car........ or particularly ideal for loading up a good Tesco's shop!
We're also going to look around at new kitchens, to get some ideas of styles and layouts, ready for having ours re-done. It's very dated (and looks it) and is falling apart and should we ever decide to sell up and move it would definitely not be a strong selling point! We are trying to decide whether or not we want the hassle of having a builder in to take out the wall between the kitchen and dining room (it's a load-bearing wall), so we can widen the kitchen, or leave it as it is (long, thin galley type). Ten years ago I'd have jumped at the bigger scheme - now I'm not so sure.

Right, that's enough prevaricating.......... and more than enough for you all to read. Hope you made a coffee and put your feet up first! LOL

Whatever your plans are, I hope you all have a very good weekend. :0)


Sally said...

OOoh those cards are gorgeous Karan! You have such a wonderful talent for them. Have you ever thought about selling them?

Julie said...

Lovely cards, it's nice to 'be prepared' and get stuff done in advance.

Hope all goes well for DS and the new job. Dont envy you car shopping!!

Will the challenge piece be finished in time or will you get a telling off from Karen ROFLOL

Stitchingranny said...

now would i start one of your epistles without a coffee in my hand lol. looking forward to see what you did with your challenge.