Tuesday, 25 March 2008

For Amanda and More Cards

The Ostara (Easter) weekend was very productive as I also managed to finish Part 2 of Carol Tinson's For Amanda SAL, which was another lovely section to stitch. Here's a pic of what would fit on the scanner: I love it when everything goes to plan and another stitchy goal is put to bed, don't you? It's also nice to know that I am up to date with almost all my pieces now - will post a pic of Memories next time. :0)

Thought I'd share pics of the rest of the cards I made during my mammoth session last week. Here's another male card which will come in useful for one of DS's friends:

I thought of my MIL when making this, as she's a keen gardener:
This girly fairy card is for my niece Erin:
I have another set of these embellishments so will probably use them to make a similar card for my neighbours little girl. Lastly here's a wombled card I made a while ago: the main piece on the front was taken from a card my DS was sent, as a thank you note from the chap he bought his masked ball outfit from:
I wasn't about to throw away anything so pretty and useful! LOL No wording on the front of this one, as I'll add that when I want to use it, whether it be as a Thank You, Get Well, Thinking of You or a Birthday card. Hopefully I'll get round to making a few more of these open cards, as they're useful to have around. :0)

Tonight's plan is to dig out ET and tackle the backstitching. YooooHoooo Julie and Mr Stick: yes, you read that right, I will be stitching on ET tonight. LOL

DS went in to his new place of work for an hour this morning, before going onto his current job, and will be going in again tomorrow morning for a bit more training with the chap who is leaving. While he was there a ship came in to the wharf, so he got to see some of the operation first hand. He's really looking forward to it and reckons that, although it's different to what he's currently doing, he should be able to pick it all up fairly quickly. It's good to see him all enthusiastic again. I've passed on the well wishes and he's asked me to thank you all on his behalf - and a big thank you from me too. :0)

This week can only get better because.......... guess what? There's a five night stint of Most Haunted Live, based in Turin, on Living TV which starts on Wednesday night. Yay!!!!!! Looks like I'll be getting a bit more stitching done 'cos I ain't going anywhere until it's all over. When I told DH and DS you could see the look of joy in their eyes......... not. As DS is out most nights at rehearsals or at Alex's and has his own TV and DVD player in his bedroom I can't see why he should be complaining. As for DH: well I did ask if it would mean some of the outstanding (quieter) DIY jobs would get done, as he wouldn't be watching it. You could hear a pin drop after that remark, so guess that's a NO then. EhEhEh! ;0) Oh, and the new series is currently running and that's on tonight - SIX nights of Most Haunted then. Double Yay!!!

Well now I've stated in writing for all to see that ET is getting some attention tonight I'd best go get on with it.

Many thanks to all for visiting - hope you're having a good week so far. :0)


Julie said...

Great stitching and cards.

Mr Stick is thrilled, will we see a HD this week???

Anonymous said...

What beautiful cards you are making, love the one for your niece. Your For Amanda SAL looks lovely too - I have to get working on mine soon. Looking forward to seeing your work on ET. Not far until you see the end there and a Happy Dance.

Lynn said...

Amanda is coming along nicely, looking forward to the next instalment lol
I love the cards! It's so difficult to know what to do for men isn't it? You've done a great job on them :)

ET??? Will it be finished? Can't wait to see it in all it's glory :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy Most Haunted :)

stitching and cards look great :)

Karen said...

The Amanda sal looks fab Karan, your cards are great you have some very clever idea's