Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Memories and ET

It seems like I'm on a roll with the stitching plans at the minute, so am making the most of it while it lasts!
I sat and watched Dawn Bibby's two hour slot on QVC yesterday afternoon - partly for the inspiration (no buying, despite plenty of temptation) and partly to have the chance to finish Part 3 of Jayne's Memories SAL. It worked quite nicely and here's the result:
It was a nice, quick section to do and I really enjoyed stitching it. Fanfare, please: it means that I'm now right up-to-date with all three SAL's for the first time ever since starting them. Toot! Toot! LOL

As it was UFO Tuesday yesterday ET saw the light of day again, as promised......... well, the light of my daylight bulb, anyway. :0)
In case you can't tell: I completed the backstitching on the first three bands, and made a start on the fourth, on the right side of the collar. Not as much progress as I'd hoped (wanted to complete the first five bands) but I had to stop as my eyes had had enough yesterday. Sorry to disappoint you Lynn and Julie: there's at least one more, if not two, UFO Nights worth of work to go before it's done and there's a HD. ;0) Warning: I have dug out my Egyptian music CD's, all set to go - I wasn't responsible for the last earthquake in this area but I will be for the next...... and it'll be more than a 5.3'er! LMAO

Speaking of CD's and dancing: I now get music while I work. :0) I suggested to DH a while ago that it would be nice to have something in the kitchen so we can listen to music while cooking/cleaning etc in there. If we've wanted to listen to something previously we've had to put the main Hi-Fi system on in the front room and whack the sound up so we can actually hear it in the kitchen - well that's OK until someone knocks at the door or phones, then there's a mad scramble into the front room to turn the music down/off, risking twisting an ankle or breaking my neck in the process, then answer. It was too much hassle, so I didn't bother much of the time but long sessions preparing stews for the slow cooker get seriously boring! DH has now bought us a mini Hi-Fi/DAB Radio combi and he set it all up last night - it's just the right size for sitting on top of the microwave, so it doesn't take up valuable worktop space and it's easily switched off when I need to answer the door or phone. I've discovered the Gold radio station which (so far) seems to play a lot of music I like, so I'm a happy bunny.

BTW Lynn: I've been trying to get on your blog to catch up and leave comments the past few days but am having problems doing so. For some reason the pics on your blog won't download for me: my computer keeps churning away trying to get them then locks up, so I have to Ctrl/Alt/Del and get back online again afterwards. I can see the wording OK - although I can't leave a comment. Absolutely no idea what's going on, so I'll have to get DH to have a look, in case it's a problem at my end. :0( Just wanted you to know, so you didn't think I was being rude and ignoring you or anything. Hope it's a quick fix, as I'd like to see all your pics - you've been real busy since my previous visits! :0)

Right, I am off to carry on with the Monthly Challenge now. As I said before, I changed my mind (again!) on how to finish this and had a basic idea tumbling around in my head (not much there to stop it these days LOL) but just couldn't get started with it. Glad I didn't because I had one of those sudden Eureka! moments this morning for exactly what to do on the back of the piece and, as it involves further stitching, I need to extract my digit and get on with it. All will be revealed on the 29th (thanks for confirming that Karen) via the album link on JA/S&S and I'll post pics and explain here in my blog then. :0)

Thanks again for all the lovely comments you take the time to leave, they are very much appreciated and make my day. Brightest Blessings to you all. :0)


Lynn said...

Memories is looking lovely, well done, your way ahead of me, I haven't even started yet :(
ET is almost there .. yeah! I'll be expecting to see a big HD when I get back from Tyneside next week ;)
I don't know why you can't see my blog pics? I can't see any thing wrong, but I'm no expert, so I'll have one of the girls look at it.

Dawn said...

Memories is looking great I love the soft, muted colours!

Yeah it looks like there is an end in sight with ET!!!! Can't wait to see it :)

Julie said...

Congrats on being up to date with the SAL's. ET nearly done YAY.... roll on next Tuesday LOL

Karen said...

ET is coming along well not much longer to go. Memories is very pretty

Sally said...

Memories is looking absolutely gorgeous and ET is coming along nicely. Not much more to go now:)

Mylene said...

Update on memories is looking good and ET.... i am sure you will finish very soon.