Saturday, 22 March 2008

Ostara Blessings or Happy Easter

Ostara Blessings to all Pagans and a Happy Easter to all non-Pagans. Hope you are all enjoying the holiday. :0)

Sorry for disappearing but I just haven't felt much like blogging lately: still have occasional bouts of coughing (usually when I get chilled) so have been staying warm as much as I can - which means not spending too long on the computer at a time, as it's in the coldest area of the house. It was also the first anniversary of DH's DSis's passing this month and it will be Dad's first anniversary next month - didn't want to post and go depressing anyone else, so have been keeping myself busy with my crafts until I felt like being sociable again.

Here's a little sample of what I've been doing:
The yellow one I sent to my DSis.
The two blue ones are "spares" that will do for another time.
This pink one I gave to my neighbours for their two little girls. I really enjoyed making these, so carried on the following day and made lots of other cards too (will show pics in my next few posts).

Helen: I buy the triangular cards (from my last post) ready made. They are produced by Paper Mania and are available in most craft shops (I know The Range stock them). They also look really effective for Egyptian themed cards (pyramids) as well as Christmas tree cards.

Stitching wise: I've completed the Ozark SAL Part 3 section but will post a pic of that another time. That was pretty straightforward and didn't need much thinking about - just what was needed and I enjoyed stitching it. :0)
Am currently trying to finish Part 2 of the For Amanda SAL: I've just got to do some half diamond eyelet stitches and it'll be completed. Unfortunately I'm not sure if they're to be done with one or two threads, so have posted on the forum and am waiting for a reply before continuing - have already had a flippin' frog visit and don't want another one! Will post a pic of that when it's done. Helen: the thread you asked about is green and red (not grey and red) and is Dinky Dyes silk #75 Bush Christmas.
After a couple of false starts (the first got frogged, the second over 1 piece I'll carry on with at a later date) I completed the Alphabet Tree for the Monthly Challenge but got stumped trying to decide how to finish it - had bought a nice fabric for backing it but wasn't sure whether to use it. Tonight I decided not to and am hoping to get a back and the finishing done next week. I may yet make the deadline Karen. ;0)
Next up for some attention is Part 3 of the Memories SAL which I'm looking forward to - I think most of the stitches will be new to me.
Unfortunately I didn't touch Egyptian Tablet on UFO Night as I wasn't feeling too great (sorry to disappoint Lynn - no finish yet. LOL). Fingers crossed for making some progress next Tuesday!

Other news: My DS decided he'd had enough of his job this month (bang goes the discounted medicines - need to get better fast now! ROFL) . Once he'd made up his mind he didn't hang around: he updated his CV last week and sent it in to a couple of agencies; he then had a couple of phone calls and an interview at one to get on their books at the start of this week, then applied for several of the jobs that were advertised; he then had a job interview on Thursday morning and was offered the job and accepted it in the afternoon; Friday he handed in his notice to his boss at his current job. Next week he's working his notice but has an early start or two, going in to the new place for an hours training before going on to work, because they want him to start a week on Monday with his feet hitting the ground and running! Luckily he's a quick learner!
The new job is at one of the local wharves, working for an international company dealing with the import/export of steel products and the like - he'll be in the office and the word logistics came into it (I think that means making sure things are delivered to where they need to be as cost efficiently as possible but don't quote me!). It's a drop in money but he's OK with that: the potential and prospects are better here, they take part in team building exercises (he's looking forward to that as well) and it's more in the engineering side of things, which is where his interests lay. He's been like a dog with two tails ever since Thursday - a great improvement to how he was prior to that - so fingers crossed all goes well when he starts.
I have to admit I was a bit gobsmacked initially but, looking back, the way everything has just fallen into place, and so quickly, makes me think the Universe/Fate has stepped in to help things along - one of those freaky events that occur when something is meant to be. :0)

Barring any problems with the weather (snow forecast!) we are off to my DSis's tomorrow - I haven't seen her in over a fortnight, thanks to this bug I've had. I'll be wrapping up warm and fleecy blanket will be travelling as well! There's also an Easter Memorial Service at St Peter's Church (they provided the lay preacher for Dad's funeral service) in the early evening that we'll be going to. I hope they do the candlelighting bit again, as that was such a lovely, magical moment last time.

Many thanks to everyone for stopping by, and for the kind comments. I hope you are all having a happy Ostara/Easter break. :0)


Stitchingranny said...

Congratulations to DS on the new job and look luck for next Monday.

The easter cards are great. Hope you have a lovely weekend with your sister.

Sally said...

Lovely cards Karan.

Sorry to hear you're still not well. I do hope you feel 100% soon. {{{{hugs}}}}

Good lukc to your DS:)

I guess you'll have had some snow. DH's auntie is visiting her sister and has just rung and said there's about 4" there. We've had some but not as much which is a shame! Lol!

Mama Kelly said...

Wandered in and had to stop and say that your card crafts are beautiful!!!

Have a happy Easter/joyous Ostara

Julie said...

Cards are cute and wonderful. Stitching sounds like its coming on nicely too. Well done to DS on the new job.
{{BIG HUG}} to you

Lynn said...

Lovely to hear your DS is going into a job that he's enthusiastic about. Hope all goes well for him :)
Lovely cards, as usual Karan.

It's my Dad's 3rd anniversary next month, can't believe the time has gone so quick. (((hugs))) for you on your Dad's anniversary.

ET isn't finished ????? I'm shocked rofl. Hope you feel well enough to do some stitching on it soon.

Mad Dixie said...

Lovely easter cards I love this time of year for crafty stuff

Mylene said...

Your Easter cards are sooo lovely.
Congrats to DS!!