Thursday, 21 February 2008

Putting the Flags Out!

WhooooHoooo! Am putting the flags out and celebrating: I did it! I did it! I did it at last!
After two days of failed attempts to get out of the house and walk down to the library on my own I finally managed to do it earlier this afternoon. WhaaaayHaaay!
My heart was bumping so fast it felt like it was going to burst out of my chest when I first stepped out of the door but I asked my Guardian Angel to walk with me and give me strength to do it, kept my mind focused on each step and before I knew it I was walking in the library and getting my books re-stamped. Then browsed the talking book section and took out one of those to try, then, as it was only on the opposite side of the road, walked over to the Tesco Express store and got a few groceries for tea before walking back home again. Not a panic attack in sight either!
OK, it ain't as exciting as climbing Mount Everest or walking the wilds of Outer Mongolia but it was one of the main hurdles to overcome in a long, slow recovery from agoraphobia/panic attacks and it feels like I'm now finally going to get my life back to normal. :0)

I realised late last night that I hadn't posted a pic of the surprise package I received from Dusty last week. The Valentine's card is fun and sings "Who let the dogs out!" when opened (made me jump a mile the first time LOL!). The Emie Bishop hardanger heart is very pretty and is going on my "To Do" list straightaway, the buttons are so sweet and I haven't got many DMC variegated, so will enjoy trying that out at some point. If you're reading this Dusty: thanks again, you made my day. :0)
Last night was good too, as I finished the pulled thread inner border on the Amanda SAL, so Part 1 is now completed. Mini HD for that. :0) DH still hasn't sorted out the digicam port thingy (yeah, real tech speak! LOL) and it won't all fit on the scanner but you'll get an overall idea of what it's like from the pic:
Apart from a couple of minor frog visits (miscounting due to tv programme being too interesting) it was a joy to stitch - definitely 10/10 for Carol. Love those DD silks too - they're definitely next in line for a Monthly Collectors Club once I've got all of the Carrie's threads in my stash. Today's stitch will be Part 2 of Jayne's Memories SAL, so I can catch up with that before the next part of the Ozark SAL arrives (any time now).

Have you all seen Christine's new releases over at Alchemy Stitchcraft yet? They're all gorgeous but I just love Knot Garden - so much so that I've ordered the chart from Jayne and can't wait to get my hot little hands on it! WTG Christine!

My DSis has had her thumb checked over and the nurse said it's healing well, with no sign of infection. :0) The butterfly strips come off Monday or Tuesday next week and the nurse said she could do that herself, especially as she also has some spare bandages to re-dress it at home. Saves her having to make the trip to the surgery so she's a happy bunny.

Rebecca: many thanks for posting the info on the shop in Grimsby. I shall keep my eyes open for it next time we go. :0)

Well I reckon I've now settled down a bit, after being as high as a kite since my trip out, so I reckon a little stitching may be in order, don't you?

Thanks again to all those who take the time to visit my blog - hope you don't get too bored with all the waffling on. :0)


Julie said...

Karan, i am so thrilled for you, well done, thats fantastic news.. WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

Hope you get on with the talking book, i like to listen when i stitch of an afternoon, especially if you are doing a project that needs a bit more concentrating you dont look up to see whats happening and the froggie visits will be less LOL

Yes i have seen the new charts by Christine but i am on the wagon for a while, never mind

Take care, and CONGRATS, i bet DH and DS are so proud of you

Julie said...

DUH! was going to say nice gift from Dusty, but i pressed send instead of the return button .... i plead insanity!!! LOL

Mylene said...

Happy for you Karan, well done!!

Lovely gifts from Dusty and great progress on the Amanda SAL.

Lynn said...

WTG Karan, well done!! :) :)

I can only imagine what it must have taken for you to do that, and I'm so pleased for you ((((hugs))))

Stitcher said...

Congratulations on your trip. You must feel so fantastic.

Rachael said...

Oh well done you!!I haven't tried talking books let me know how you get on,I like the idea of 'reading' and stitching at the same time...Well done on getting Amamnda sal part 1 done.

Sally said...

That is fantastic Karan! Well done! I know how it hard it can be as my Mum had problems going out and it was a real struggle for her.

Lovely gift from Dusty and Amanda is looking beautiful.

Just looked at Christine's new designs. Love the waterlily one.

Karen said...

well done Karan, small steps are the way to go
I have talking books to listen to if I can't sleep trouble is I then can't sleep because I am listening to the book
your stitching looks fab
glad to hear your sis's war wound is healing well

jane said...

well done Karan - you have made real progress with your trip to the library. I hope you go from strength to strength

Mylene said...

You've been tagged! Come visit me.

Anonymous said...

Karan that is FANTASTIC!!!!! Well done you!

Talking books are great I have all the Harry Potter ones on Andys creative player, its great when Andy wants to watch football, I let him get on with it and I don't have to hear it LOL