Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Love is in the Air

First it was the Love Is You SAL piece I was working on earlier in the week and now today I've had a Valentine's card making session, ready for the day tomorrow. There must be something in the air this week, other than the usual household cleaning fluid and cooking smells that is.
Here's my card for DH: It didn't quite start out like that in my head but am reasonably happy with it and think DH will like it.

Now how many of you are looking forward to Valentine's Day tomorrow and are in the mood for luuurve? And how many of you are more in the mood for planting their OH under the patio? ROFL. ;0) I'll leave you guessing as to which way I'm leaning at the moment. LOL

The clip-on magnifier was well and truly christened last night when I used it whilst stitching on the Amanda SAL piece and what a difference it makes! Yes, I know - it was Tuesday UFO Night and I should have actually been stitching on ET, doing the dreaded metallic backstitch, but really couldn't face it. Plus there was a Most Haunted Almost Live on that I hadn't seen - not good for concentration levels and I didn't want to risk making a mistake..... or go missing a good bit of MH. Plus I am getting behind on the Amanda piece, which will hold up all my SAL pieces and the Monthly Challenge if I'm not careful, and this section is so straightforward, now it's started, it was ideal to do while watching TV.
There Julie........ is that enough excuses for Mr Stick? ;0) I promise to make up for it pretty soon.
Here's the latest Amanda pic:

Not as much as I'd hoped to do because, although I can now see much more clearly with the magnifier, it seems to have slowed my stitching speed a bit - it definitely slows things up when it's time to fasten off or start another thread length but I guess things will pick back up once I've got used to it and learnt the knack of handling the frame with the cumbersome bit attached to it. It's certainly made me realise I should have got one of these much sooner!

Today I am waiting for the Gas Man to turn up. We got a letter last week to tell us that they want to come and change the meter - something about "accuracy", "safety" and such like. Fine, I don't mind, but I do think that saying the chap will be here "some time between 8am and 8pm" is taking a bit of a liberty. I've been up since the crack of dawn, in case he came early - he didn't. Been scooting round getting a load of jobs done, as well as making DH's card, and am now shattered and need matchsticks for my eyes....... and he still ain't here. Bet he turns up when I'm trying to cook tea. >rolleyes<

Lynn: sorry, but I don't think the Love Is piece is on Carol's site. It's a Ltd Ed design and was only available to forum members just before Valentine's in 2006 (I think).

Thanks to every one for stopping by and for leaving comments. Hope you're having a good day. :0)


Julie said...

Nice card and good start on the SAL

Will consult Mr Stick and see if your excuses are OK .... and what punishment you might have to have LOL

Lynn said...

that is a beautiful card Karan, and I hope your DH appreciates it too ;).
Glad your getting on with your clip on magnifier, I keep poking myself with mine when I'm using it rofl

Anonymous said...

Glad you are impressed with your magnifier :)

Hope your DH survives the day LOL :)

Sally said...

Lovely card Karan. I had to laugh this morning. As you know my DH has been away on a course and arrived back late last night. I gave him his card this morning and he said you can have yours when I've written it! The best bit is when he got it out to write it he;d got one that said To The Man In My Life!!! Should I be worried!!!!!

Amanda is coming along nicely.

Mylene said...

That's a lovely card, Karan.