Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Egyptian Reggae

That was my mini Happy Dance choice for Tuesday UFO Night because I did finally finish all of the cross stitch on Egyptian Tablet and here's the pic to prove it: So glad to get that done. Next week it's on to the backstitch which is in DMC's gold metallic thread....... best get Mr Stick limbering up for then Julie because I am not looking forward to it at all - that metallic is awful and there's lots of it.
There'll be one big celebration in this house when it is finally completed but be warned though: when I do finally get this finished it won't be an Egyptian Reggae HD but a full on bellydance I'll be doing which may result in news reports of earth tremors in this area. LOL ;0)

It's back to the Monthly Challenge piece today. Yay! Must admit that I was enjoying this so much I didn't want to break off to do ET last night but needs must - plus that Mr Stick is a scary dude when he wants to be! I did a little research on the Web yesterday, looking for pieces in a similar style to how I want to finish mine but didn't find exactly what was wanted - saw lots of other inspiring pretties though, with finishing techniques I'd like to try at some point. Although I'm in awe of how many talented stitchers there are out there and the wonderful items they've made - if my pieces end up just half as good then that'll be me very happy.

Glad to say the weather here today, although cold, is actually quite sunny. It seems to have affected the birdies because they are zipping about in hyperactive mode, ram raiding the feeders in my garden then zipping off and squabbling in the bushes. Poppa blackbird has already staked his claim to our garden again and is defending it against all comers, including the neighbours scabby tom cat. Methinks they are full of the joys of Spring already and there may well be some frantic nest building going on soon. As for the plant world: winter flowering pansies and jasmine are still in flower, snowdrops are in various stages of bloom and the crocus are fast catching up but the daffs and narcissi are trailing behind, as per usual. Yes, Mother Earth is gradually waking up after her winter sleep. Am looking forward to warmer days, lighter nights and soon being able to spend more time in my garden. :0)

Hope you're all enjoying nicer weather and having fun, whatever you are doing. :0)


Nicola said...

Well done on finishing the cross stitch Karan, but I don't envy you the backstitching especially in metallic thread!

I can see the flower buds in a few of my daffs, hope they won't be too much longer before they flower, could use their cheerfulness about the garden.

Mylene said...

Doing a happy dance for you right now, Karan. Bellydance? wish i could see you then! Goodluck with the metallics.

Karen said...

well done on finishing the stitching, I don't envy you all the backstitching
will you be sending out invites or warnings for the bellydancing or will DH and DS be running for the hills

Sally said...

Wahooo!! Congratulations on finishing the cross stitch and good luck with the backstitch!

I've noticed blackies back in our garden. They've nested in our conifer hedge for years now and I love to watch them in the garden.

Julie said...

Lots of kreinik, Mr Stick is limbering up as i type LOL. Bellydance??? not sure about that one though ...

We've got a few blueys in teh garden all trying to build a nest in the same birdbox