Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Mine got off to a good start with a lovely card from DH that looked like a handmade one - very pretty it is too. We're not doing choccies or flowers but have decided we're going to splash out between us on a flat-screen monitor for the PC. Practical, yes - with the added bonuses that it'll last waaay longer than flowers and doesn't do any damage to my hips like choccies would ('cos DH is diabetic - I'd have to eat them all). LOL

Next was a pink parcel from Jayne with the COM Monthly fabric Violets which is a sweet blush of subtle colour - I love it and already know what I shall be using it for: My Big Toe Designs Angels Watching. That was also in the packet, along with the other MBTD charts I'd pre-ordered last month: Cheaper Than Therapy; Friends and Anniversary - Eat The Chocolate is to follow. There was also the cutest little mermaid fob ever which is now attached to my DD Ann scissors:

What a great way to start the day and, despite having a lousy sore throat (now I know why I've been feeling so tired this week!) am in a happy mood. DH is glad that I no longer feel like planting him under the patio. ;0) ROFL

No, that place is reserved for the Gas Man who didn't show up yesterday to change the meter. I rang up to complain at 10 to 8pm last night, to a bored and couldn't-care-less female who said he went to a house with a white door and blue garage but no one was in. I don't have a garage, let alone one with a blue door, as I pointed out. Oh, he must have gone to the wrong house, was the reply. It sounds like he went next door but what kind of muppets do they employ that can't tell the difference between number 29 and 31? Both houses have a number plaque on the wall and mine also has brass numbers on the door. Duuurrrr! Methinks it was more that the fella wanted a flyer, so he could get home quick! They can make me another appointment, narrowing it down to a two hour slot, but not on the days I want. Fine: send me a letter with a date he can come round and I'll ring and cancel if it isn't convenient. It seems so few Companies actually want to give a decent Customer Care Service these days, or their employees to do a decent job! OK, rant over. ;0)

Despite that minor annoyance last night wasn't so bad. DH went to have another go at DS's computer to see if he can get it to work properly and get all the updates/downloads to make sure it stays working. I found a Most Haunted repeat and continued with the Amanda SAL and here's where I got to: It's nice to bring that bit more colour into it and it looks lovely on the Georgian fabric. Well pleased with how this is turning out. :0) Got to extract my digit though, as Part 2 of Memories is printed out and ready to go....... and Part 2 of the Ozark SAL is due out any day now too and there's still the finishing to do on the Monthly Challenge piece. Best get off here and go do some stitching then, hadn't I?

Hope you're all having a Happy Valentine's Day - thanks for stopping by. :0)


Mylene said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you feel better soon and sorry to hear about the gas man.

Amanda SAL is progressing well.

Julie said...

Nice stash haul, i got the COTM too, gorgeous colour isn't it.

Yum yum yum .... thats a couple of the ferrero gone already, wonder if i can make them last till the end of the month LOL

Lynn said...

You got some nice stash there Karan :)

I also go the MBTD chart 'cheaper than therapy' and have asked DD to stitch it for me for mothers day lol

Karen said...

we had the same trouble with the gas last year or was it the year before??????? they arranged to turn up , they insisted they had come and no one was home, I had to take time off work and I was home we know for sure 4 of the vans were by the beach lol and we told them they should tell their staff to work not sunbathe
they still havent been back !!!!!
nice stash

Sally said...

Lovely new stash Karan. The COTM is gorgeous isn;'t it and I love the chart you're going to stitch in it.

So typical is some of these companies these days. We were supposed to have our electric meter changed a year ago but there were problems and we had to wait until they came and changed the main switch box and main fuse box but they've never been back and changed the meter!