Saturday, 9 February 2008

A Finish, A Start and A Late Comer

Last night's finish was the Monthly Challenge........ well, the stitching bit of the front anyway. Well pleased with how that has turned out, despite having "fun" with the new thread (although I was warned that it could be awkward to use, so was prepared for this), and am now trying to decide if I'm up to the finishing technique. I'm waiting for a couple of bits I bought from that well known auction site to turn up before making final decisions, as I may well change my mind again - nothing new there, then. LOL

The new start, also last night, is the For Amanda SAL piece designed by Carol Tinson. It won't all fit on the scanner, so here's a pic of what will:

The fabric isn't the recommended one: it's Pol's Georgian Linen, as suggested by Jayne. These are the two outer borders, stitched in Dinky Dyes silk Eungella, and I've completed the top and half of both sides so far and will carry on with this tonight. Am enjoying this piece and loving the effect of the silk/colours on the fabric - they are all a joy to use.

The late comer is the last of the charts outstanding from my Thread Bear order which came this morning, along with the no-sew roller bars. It's a Milady's Needle chart by Gloria Moore: It's such a sweet design, how could I not get it? LOL Whilst Yule celebrations are more my thing we still keep a traditional Christmas for my DH so it'll be a nice piece to make and display for him.

I had a nosey round at various craft sites yesterday and finished up ordering one of those clip-on magnifiers to try out. It's No 7 on this page if you want to have a look-see. Thought it was a good way of keeping me going with the fine work, as what I would eventually like is one of those big, floor-standing adjustable ones that has the lens in the middle and a light round the outside. I definitely would prefer having a try-before-you-buy session before paying out that amount of money though. Still haven't found out where the place in Grimsby is so I guess I shall have to get to a stitching show this year, in the hopes that someone there is selling them.

Well today hasn't gone quite as planned. Last night DH went out to a Retirement Do for one of the higher-ups at work, a meal out and drink - only a group of them went on into town to a late opening pub afterwards as well, with my party animal DH among them. Guess who didn't get back in until gone 2am? Guess who'd had a few more jars than he's used to? Guess who's been feeling as rough as a badger's bum today and spent most of it in bed, feeling sorry for himself? And guess who wasn't too happy about it?
OK, if he was feeling poorly, sick and dying from a bug I would have the compassion and kindness of the sainted Mother Teresa herself and do all the looking after required. It's not though, it's self-inflicted - be prepared to feel the awesome wrath of Sekh'met the avenger!!! Guess who won't be doing that again in a hurry? ROFLMAO
Actually, he's been looking and feeling so rough I didn't have the heart to present him with a greasy fry-up or bend his ear about having more sense at his age - I know he won't be in a rush to feel that bad again any time soon. ;0)

Meantime I've kept myself busy and spent some time in the back garden, filling the brown recycling bin with yet more conifer clippings (they will keep growing! LOL). It was a pleasure to listen to Poppa blackbird singing his heart out at dusk, almost as if he were serenading the new moon. It lifts my heart so to hear him. Hopefully the weather will stay dry so I can spend some time pottering around out there tomorrow as well.

I hope you're all having a good weekend, whatever you are doing, and thanks for stopping by. :0)


Mylene said...

Congrats on the finish and looking forward to see it when the times come. Sorry to hear about dh's sufferings....have one here too once in a while and still hoping someday he'll learned..!!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Claire said...

Whats the name of the place in Grimsby - might be able to help you.


Stitchingranny said...

Your wip and new stash chart are both lovely.

I have one of those clip on magnifiers and its great but I am inclined to put a little sticker over the extra magnifier bit as I sometime find it quite distracting. The one on my stand doesnt have that extra bit thank goodness.

Karen said...

LOL rough as a badgers bum
I love the chart you bought

Sally said...

Love your start on the Amanda SAL. The fabric you're using is lovely.

Looking forward to seeing your SAL challenge piece.

Lynn said...

love the WIP and new stash Karan,:)

I think that your DH should be buying you more stash to make up for his 'night out' lol