Tuesday, 5 February 2008

No-Show Tuesday

No picture of the Amanda SAL to show today because I changed my mind (I'm a woman - I'm allowed to ;0) ) and made a start on the February Challenge piece instead.......... which I can't show until the reveal day. I've got about half of it stitched. It's another enjoyable one, plus it's a piece that's giving me the opportunity to try out a thread that is new to me so it's another learning curve. I've sort of got an idea in my head for finishing this but it's a case of if my skills are up to turning it into a reality.

As I haven't got a stitchy pic to show I thought I'd share one of this month's Monthly Club stash from Jayne instead.
I love receiving the pretty rainbow of Carrie's each month and the fabric is a Sassy's called Khaki - can't wait to find a suitable design for this as it's a gorgeous colour. I've also been mulling over what thread to go for once I've got all of the CC's and decided I would like some silks: there are Dinky Dyes in the Memories and Amanda SAL's and they feel gorgeous, as well as being lovely to use, so they are the strongest contender so far. Any other suggestions?

It's Tuesday again, which means it's UFO Night so bet you'll all be able to guess what I'm stitching on tonight. :0) Wonder if I can have a mega-stitch session and manage to get all of that last bit finished?

Well, what was bright and sunny weather this morning is now back to more rain but I've just seen the most glorious rainbow arching across the sky, with a faint secondary one above it - so not complaining about the weather when it brings a sign of the Goddess Iris, a good omen. The last time I saw such a wonderful sight was while we were on holiday in the Lake District last year, so it's brought back a few nice memories. :0) Of course it didn't last long enough for me to grab the digicam and have a go at taking a pic! LOL

Nicola: thanks for the tip re: getting paragraphs when Blogger is playing up. It works! Thank you. :0)

Many thanks to all for the encouragement about going out to the library - it will help me to achieve that goal and go on from there. :0)

Thanks to all for visiting and for taking the time to comment, it's very much appreciated.
To any newbies: don't be shy, please say Hi! :0)


Nicola said...

I look forward to seeing your February challenge piece. That's some lovely stash you've got there, and I think I'd go for the Dimky Dyes silks for your next collection.

Glad to have been of help re the paragraphs, someone else gave me the tip. I was gwtting so frustrated, sometimes blogger would play fair other times not.

Mylene said...

Can't wait to see what are you stitching with this month challenge and off course how's everyone's finishes.
Goodluck with the UFO tonight.
And those are such beautiful threads. Enjoy!

Julie said...

Wonderful threads, i really need to start my challenge piece too

Anonymous said...

You stash from Jayne looks great :)

The weather here is miserable too :(

Sally said...

Very nice stash Karan!

Looking forward to seeing your SAL challenge piece. Not started mine yet!