Thursday, 7 February 2008

Not A Lot......

to share today. :0(
Can't show any progress on last night's stitching as it was on the Monthly Challenge piece and that has to stay a secret until later in the month. The other pics I'd like to share are still on the flippin' digicam because DH still hasn't transferred them over for me - if I knew which cables had to come out so the camera could be plugged in I'd do it myself but I don't, so daren't take the risk. If I screwed up my computer so I couldn't get online I'd freak big time! Although, looking at it from another angle, I guess I'd probably get a whole lot more stitching done instead. LOL

Due to this problem I've asked DH if we can do something to make transferring pics much easier. He waffled on about ports and docking and.......... nah, sorry, I just don't do that computer-speak stuff - a mind-fog quickly settles in and I end up virtually comatose. Basically, when I got him to speak in plain English again, yes there's something we can buy to add to the computer that will make transferring pics from the camera much easier because I'd just have to attach or plug in the camera to this specific piece of kit and it will do the transfer. Right, says I, find out how much and where from and lets get one because I want to be able to get pics on to my computer myself whenever I want. Research is ongoing - fingers crossed it gets sorted this weekend, then I can show pics of my Ink Circles Blackstone Fantasy Garden finish and the promised one of Santa on his broomstick. It would also mean I'd be able to take arty pics of my smaller pieces and cards, rather than having to scan them. :0)

Speaking of pics: can anyone tell me (in an idiots guide to...) how I go about putting in a pic as a header to my blog, please? Although I will have to actually go looking for something suitable first - any suggestions?

Mylene and Karen: definitely NO invites because you really wouldn't want to see me doing a bellydance, as it wouldn't be good for your mental health to witness it - you'd need years of therapy afterwards, if you did. DS and DH aren't daft either: they would definitely be running for the hills. ;0) ROFL

Well I've got a sink full of dirty dishes and a tumble dryer of clean clothes that need my attention so I'm off to sort them, then I can have an hours stitching this afternoon with a clear conscience. ;0)

Hope you're all having a good day, whatever you are doing. :0)


Julie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you piccies, but i am the biggest PC nerd there is, ask Karen - she gives me lots of help when i need it LOL

Rachael said...

Oh I have done that,put a pic in the header. Someone else might be able to say it clearer but on your template click on 'edit' on your header box and add an image,I hope this is right!! and if I am wrong I am sure someone will be able to help

Stitchingranny said...

Hope you get the camera sorted soon as I cant wait to see your IC.

If I hear there has been an earthquake in England while I am away I will know you have ET finished and will look forward to seeing the pics when I get back.

Lynn said...

sounds like your going to be a busy girl once your DH gets the right equiptment for your photo transfers :)
I'm useless at this computer lark and have to rely on the DD's to help when I get stuck :/
If you find out how to put a picture up at the top, would you let me know how to do it too?

ET is looking fantastic and will be well worth the metalic stitching ;)

Mylene said...

LOL!! Still interesting to see the performance!

Sorry, can't help over the pics but hope someone though.