Monday, 11 February 2008

Flippin' Frogs and Stitchy Bugs

Have got the feeling I have been well and truly bitten by the stitchy bug at the moment, as most of my projects seem to be growing well and benefiting from some attention, despite the flippin' frogs best sabotage efforts. So if you've lost your bug girls: sorry, I think he's moved in here! LOL

On Saturday night I carried on with the Amanda SAL's outer borders but realised I was a stitch out, so the bottom edges weren't going to meet. A quick count made me realise I was one stitch too short on the right side, so in came that darned frog and a few choice words, out came the thread back to the corner so I could correct it. All OK now but that made me decide to put it to one side for a while before starting the inner flowers and leaves border - I went to bed.

Sunday was a lovely day, weatherwise, and an enjoyable one. DS went out for the day with some friends so. DH was fully recovered from his Friday night over indulgences so we went to a local garden centre for dinner and a look round. We wanted some plants to replace the ones in my Arthur and Guinevere pots that are on the wall either side of the back door but it's too early for marigolds and we didn't spot anything else that was suitable - will have to wait until later in the season and possibly temporarily plant herbs in them instead.
On to Dunhelm and The Range afterwards, where we managed to get a couple of items we needed then we decided to have a drive out to Alkborough, to visit the turf cut maze site called Julian's Bower. There were layers of mist on the horizon, which obscured much of the views, but the tops of trees and the occasional electricity pylon peeped out, making it look quite eerie and mystical - even more so when the sun began to set and streaks of red, pink and orange blazed across the sky as well. Why is it you never have a camera with you at such wonderful, awe-inspiring moments?
We then went home and from there walked down to the local pub, The Malt Shovel, for our tea. I can highly recommend the poached salmon in dill sauce. :0)

I was feeling quite tired in the evening, so decided to leave the Amanda SAL well alone (need to do some counting and didn't want to risk messing it up) and opted to pick up Love Is You, a Carol Tinson design, instead. Here's the latest pic. Two thread lengths later and the top corner was finished and a start made on the right side - that was enough eye strain for one night though.

Am glad to say that my Sew and So order arrived today, with the magnifier. Yay! As I was busy earlier doing the usual Monday jobs, ready for Alex coming round for her usual coffee and a natter session, there's been no chance to try it out yet........ but that will be rectified tonight. ;0) Will let you know how I get on with it. Helen: I have a feeling I may feel the same and use your solution for the extra little magnifier.

Claire: I'm afraid I don't know what the place in Grimsby is called, that's half the problem. If I did I could probably find it. All I know is that it's a lighting place and it sells all kinds of hobby style lamps as well and at a cheaper price than most specialist needlework places charge. A lady from Freecycle mentioned it - so wish I'd written the details down at the time! >rolleyes< Don't suppose you would have an idea of what it's called and where it might be?

The breadwinners have returned and need feeding so I'd better go. Will catch up with everyone's Blogs later.

Hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the fine weather. :0)


Julie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend Karan, shame about the frog though LOL

Stash mail .. how lovely, hope you get on ok with the magnifier

Mylene said...

Glad to hear you had a great weekend!
Enjoy the new stash.

Karen said...

Love is you is looking good, sounds like you had a good weekend

Claire said...

Fun packed weekend there Karan!

Cant think off top of head where it is....

Lynn said...

sounds like a lovely family week end Karan, shame about the frog's visit though lol
I love the 'love is you' design, I havn't seen it before.... I'll have to go and have a look now, I can't resist Carol's designs lol

Dawn said...

Stash is always welcome mail :) Hope you get ok with the magnifyer!

Sally said...

Love is You is looking lovely Karan.

Sounds like you had a great weekend.