Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Frost, Fog and Fun

We've been having hard frosts for days now, making it bitterly cold, but the last couple of days the fog has descended in the early evening and has been hanging around most of the next morning too. I hate fog! Before I married I worked in a residential hospital that wasn't on a direct bus route, so I had a 25 minute to walk to get there. The morning shift began at 7.15am. Imagine the walk to work when the fogs were pea-soupers and you could barely see a foot in front of you........ then you hear footsteps. You can hear them but the fog muffles them, so you can't tell which direction they're coming from, and you can't see who or what is making them.
I tell you, it cured me of reading scarey books and watching horror films because it's just not nice remembering every single gory detail in circumstances like that! I reeeeeeaaaalllly hate fog! LOL

Am having a fun day, despite the hated fog. I got a really nice surprise when a pinkie turned up on the doorstep. Had I ordered something from Jayne, then developed a sudden bout of amnesia? No, Julie had recycled the packaging and very kindly sent me a couple of Cafe Creme tins so I can have a go at tin finishing. Thank you again for your kindness Julie - I shall enjoy expanding my finishing techniques with these. :0)

I also got a package from Jenny, a fellow member of the Stitch'n'Stash Forum. She's been having a stash clear out and I just had to re-home this little fella for her:
I haven't yet stitched a Newton piece but I love the little chap and have got quite a few kits in my stash waiting to go. Why haven't I stitched one yet, when I like him so much? Well, I've been playing around with the idea of stitching my favourite designs from the range on an afghan, rather than as individual pictures, as I shall run out of wall space otherwise! What do you reckon?

I also got this particular kit from Jenny to stitch as a surprise for my DH:

He's had quite a few working trips to Italy this last year or so, mostly flying via Venice airport, and actually managed a little sight-seeing on a couple of occasions, which he thoroughly enjoyed. I though it would make a nice memento for him. Plus stitching and framing it will solve the birthday present dilemma this year! :0)

I've also had fun making a card for my MIL, who has her 70th birthday later this month. As it's a milestone birthday, and due to it being her first birthday since she lost her DD to cancer in March last year (those firsts are always hard), I wanted to make it a little extra special. It's got a layer of glitter card, as well as glitzy sequins and gems on it, so sparkles much more IRL. She loves her garden and flowers, as did her DD, so the theme was easy to choose. I love those cards that just fall into place as you go. :0)

I carried on with the Amanda SAL last night, so now have all of the green cross and backstitch bits and some of the cross stitch berries completed. There are a few more berries to do and a pulled stitch inner border, then that's Part 1 completed - won't post another pic until it's all done. Next up will be Part 2 of Jayne's Memories SAL - can't wait! Oh, and I guess I'd better get on with doing the finishing on the Monthly Challenge too. I know what I want to do, I can see the picture of it in my head....... it's transferring that into a reality that's stumping me! >rolleyes<

Update on my DSis: her thumb and arm (where she had the anti-tet shot) are sore but she's doing OK otherwise. She goes to see the nurse on Thursday to have it checked and the dressing changed. She's stated she's not going to be buying tins of corned beef any more. Don't blame her!

Many thanks to all who visit and for the kind comments - they make my day. :0)


Julie said...

Great card, nice stash and relieved Royal Mail didn't loose the paracel LOL

We've got fog here too, spooky it is too when you hear a crash and a cat comes wandering out of it up the garden path

Lynn said...

I know what you mean about fog! I remember back in the 70's, walking infront of my friends car with a torch, as she drove back to base, because the fog was so thick we couldn't see the curb lol

I love the Venice kit, and it will be lovely for your DH. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karan
Am a bit dozy with all this blogging stuff, so don't know if I'm leaving this in the right place!

The stitching place in Grimsby (if it's still there, it's probably 18 months since I've been) is above Magazine World just as you go into Freshney Place from the Wilkos end.
It used to have a fairly decent selection of stuff.

Hope this helps

Dawn said...

Love the card I am sure your MIL is going to love it too!

Looking forward to Newton, I have had the same idea before now about the afghan - too much stash too little time (and walls LOL)

Mylene said...

That's a lovely card you made. I am sure your MIL will love it.
Great stash received. Enjoy!