Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Memories Part 2

Last nights' plan of carrying on with the Memories SAL worked out nicely and an uninterrupted evening of stitching resulted in a Mini HD when Part 2 was completed:This is a dream to stitch and I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far, so roll on Part 3!

Today's stitching plan is to finally tackle some of the dreaded metallic backstitching on Egyptian Tablet, as it's UFO Tuesday today. I've had two weeks off, so I could catch up with my SAL's, but I now get the feeling that Mr Stick is on the look-out for me and is in no mood to take any prisoners this week...... so I'd best be good and definitely get some done. When that's out of the way it's on to Part 2 of the Ozark Mystery Sampler. :0)

I had been thinking of having another trip to the library today, to take back one of the books I've finished reading, then to the sewing shop for some cording but with a combination of waking up with a touch of sinusitis/headache and the weather turning cold and windy again soon changed my mind. Quite a few of the properties down the High Street have old slate roofs which have a nasty habit of losing the odd slate in windy weather, so it's best avoided on days like today. It's not horrendously windy: just fierce enough to skittle the plastic watering cans (since been filled with water, so they ain't going anywhere now) and free-wheel the empty compost bin around the garden (not bothering rescuing it, as it'll just be off again in the next good gust). It does feel like it's building up though and I've heard that some other parts of the UK are getting it much worse, so I hope everyone is OK and staying safely indoors.

Right, I'm off to try and gain back some of those lost brownie points with Mr Stick. ;0)

Thanks for visiting and stay safe. :0)


Julie said...

Memories looks lovely. Mr Stick is on the war path!!! are you stitching lol

Karen said...

good idea staying in. Hope mr Stick doesn't chase you too hard ;O)

Anonymous said...

Hope you got your brownie points with Mr Stick! Memories is looking beautiful!

Sally said...

I love this piece Karan. It is so calming and looks simply beautiful.