Monday, 25 February 2008

Next, Please!

Well, after finishing Part 1 of the For Amanda SAL and completing the finishing on the monthly challenge the next item on the list was Part 2 of the Memories SAL, which I finally got around to starting last night. Thoroughly enjoyed stitching the three bands and the alphabet is stitching up much quicker than expected. Here's where I left off last night: No stitching during the day today, as it's my regular Monday routine of getting jobs done ready for Alex popping in for a coffee and natter, but I hope to get back to this tonight to complete it. :0)

Next item on the list is Part 2 of the Ozark Mystery SAL and I really should start on the backstitch on Egyptian Tablet, especially as it'll be UFO Tuesday again tomorrow. Mr Stick has been pretty lenient with me so far - don't want to push my luck any further! ;0)

I've also been playing around with various ideas for making up a couple of Christmas ornies I stitched some time ago and want to do them at some point this week too. Taking part in the monthly challenge is doing my confidence a lot of good as I now want to try different finishing techniques: instead of thinking "Oo, that looks hard - I can't do that" it's more a case of "I like the look of that - I want to have a go". Many thanks Karen and Julie: this change in attitude is down to you both and my drawer full of sad, neglected little stitched pieces, once transformed and on display, will also be eternally grateful! :0)

Yesterday didn't go quite as planned but was a good day anyway. We had been thinking of having a trip over to Newark to visit the Mind, Body and Spirit event on there but when it came to it we decided we didn't fancy the travelling. DH had had a horrendous week at work - with no end in sight for the problems just yet - and instead of just a morning at work on Saturday it ended up being most of the day, so he was shattered. The project he's involved with is called Caster 5 - it's now more commonly known across the works as Disaster 5!
I shared my day between the computer, my stitching, pottering and making tea and, after a quiet morning, DH disappeared into the loft in the afternoon to continue fitting the overflow tank for the boiler. He claimed it was a nice distraction from the stresses of work - who am I to argue? Whatever floats your boat! LOL

As for the tagging: thanks for the comments. I guess, after reading the tag post, it's a case of all those who thought I was a bit weird having their suspicions confirmed for real now. LOL ;0) I've enjoyed seeing what others have posted too: it's amazing how much some of us have in common - although not referring to weirdness here, just general similarities. Wonder if it's the stitchy gene that promotes that? :0)

Thank you again for taking the time out of your day to come visit - hope you're all having a good start to the week. :0)


Rachael said...

Well done on finishing Part 1 of the Amanda sal and the monthly challenge. I should really make a start on the Ozark sal as well,maybe at the weekend ,I hope you get lots of stitching done.Hugs

Karen said...

your memories sal is looking super, glad we can help you gain confidence with finishing ideas lol

Julie said...

Memories looks lovely

Mr Stick says you have to stitch this week, you have been absent for 2 !!!!

Sally said...

Amanda is looking so pretty Karan. I'm enjoying watching this one grow.

I have answered your tag!