Friday, 25 July 2008

That Flippin' Frog........

is definitely doing the rounds at the moment and the little so-and-so landed at my house last night! :0(

I started the next part of the Ozark SAL on Wednesday night and got about half of the first band done, no problem. Last night I started merrily stitching away, determined to get the other half of the band completed, and was on the final couple of stitches when I realised it wasn't going to fit because I was one flaming stitch out. Let's just say that what left my mouth next definitely wasn't "Oops, oh dear, never mind" and let's leave it there! Every stitch done that night was promptly frogged, then a certain level of bloody-mindedness set in - I was not going to go to bed without having any real achievement to show, so promptly set about re-stitching it all.

I eventually got to bed around 2am.

An accurate description of the state of me today would be: eyes like yellow snow holes......... if you get my drift. LOL

Am now hoping to get on with the second band today and, sorry folks, I am sooooo hoping that the little green peril has decided to hop off and wreak havoc elsewhere. I shall show a pic of progress when it's all completed. It'll certainly be interesting to see everyone's versions of it this month as there is a choice of six different band patterns and two thread colours and it is up to the individual stitcher what they do. What a good idea. :0)

Wednesday night was a productive night really (waaay better than Thursday night for sure!) as, before starting the Ozark SAL, I finished embellishing the Berries and Leaves ornie. Here's the completed item:

The tassle was one of those ready-made ones that are such a blessing for folks like me who don't know how to make them. :0)
This is how the back looks:

It's nowhere near perfect - that slightly bowed edge attests to that - but I'm pleased with it, especially as it's not that long ago that I was too scared to even try these things. So that's three items from the finished items drawer finally completed and only another ??????? to go. Definitely keeping that info to myself as it's much too shaming to fess up. LOL

A BIG thank you Karen and Julie for starting the JA/S&S Monthly Challenge - without it I wouldn't ever have got up the courage to try these things. :0)

Many thanks, too, for all the kind comments on Guen and to those who mentioned books and their authors: I've made a note of those and will be looking out for them next time I go to the library. I especially like the sound of Labryinth by Kate Moss - I love Bonekickers (reckon it's one of only a very few good offerings on TV at the moment), so if it's like that it's a must read. In the meantime I've started reading Big Chief Elizabeth, which is written by the same chap who wrote Nathaniel's Nutmeg, and it's proving to be another good one - although I do have a bit of a "thing" for the Tudor era (second place to all things Egyptian though) so am probably biased to start with. ;0)

Today I'm currently melting in a third day of hot and sunny weather. Is this our summer at last? LOL Great drying day, so there's two machine loads of washing out there at the moment and that means I've finally bottomed the laundry basket. Yay! Bet you my two manage to fill it by the middle of next week though! My ankles and feet are a size or two larger than usual now - par for the course in hot weather these days - which was certainly not helped by having to walk down the High Street with DH yesterday for a 4pm appointment. At least we got to stop off at Il Sorriso on the way back, where his tea and my apple juice were a life saver. I shan't be repeating the experience in a hurry though: feet up, with a cold drink to hand, electric fan blowing and stitching in hand is about as energetic as it's going to get this afternoon. Feel free to join me.

Helen: sounds like you're going to be very busy over the school holidays. Give me a shout if Ozzie starts to wear you out - there's an emergency can of Red Bull here that I can send you. LOL. Seriously, I hope you all have a wonderful time. :0)

Well that cold drink etc are calling, so I'm off.........

Thank you to all those, regular and newbies (Hi Clare *wave*), for taking time to visit - hope you are having a good day and that you also have a lovely weekend, whatever your plans. :0)


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the visit from the frog Karan. They are never much fun when they visit. One made a call over here last night too so please don't rush it over here. LOL I loved seeing your finish, I didn't do this months challenge at JA simply because I didn't have a spare moment. But I do like those challenges. Hope you have a wonderful day, just wanted to say "hi". Can you please keep this nice sunny weather so that it will stay once I get to England. LOL :-)

tkdchick said...

Karan beautiful ornie! I'm so sorry to hear the geen menace decended upon your house last night!!! Keep the blender nearby and they tend to run and hide!

Tassles are pretty easy to make and I know there's tutorials out there on the net!

Miss 376 said...

Hope you have a more successful stitching day today, and yes, isn't it great to have some summer. Think it is well deserved.

Hazel said...

eeek 2am! You must have been determined lol! Lovely ornies. Where do you get those ready tassles from??? Yes I too have a fridge full of sugar free red bull!! Probably very very bad for you but hey I have a life now!! I am awake all the day long :-) xx

Christine said...

Nice Ornie :)
These stitching challenges are such fun.
Sorry froggy came calling, perhaps he was lonely because I've only just got rid of him!

Andrea said...

Great ornament. I used to steer clear of making tassels but once you know how you'll have them coming out of your ears!

Julie said...

Aww don't you just hate it when that happens and you've made such progress in an evening {{hugs}}

Lovely ornie, you are becomming an expert at lots of finishes now, there are lots in the album thids month too

I dont do heat either, i sit by the fan all day otherwise i'd be a puddle!!