Sunday, 20 July 2008

A Brace Of Christmas Ornies

Many thanks for all the kind comments about Cleopatra, they are all very much appreciated. :0) She's now gone in my finishes drawer, waiting for the other pieces to be completed.

So what did I get up to this weekend? Didn't go out anywhere after all: DH's late night meant a late start on Saturday and the sneaky so-and-so made sure he rolled out of bed with just enough time to wash, dress, go downstairs to make himself a meal and coffee and park his behind in his armchair ready for the start of Grand Prix qualifying. I soon realised there wouldn't be time to go out anywhere afterwards, so I settled in for the day with a forum and blog reading session, followed by making a start on some Christmas ornie finishing.

Remember a while ago that I was searching for two reindeer ornies that had disappeared into that blackhole called "a safe place"? Well, I'd given up on ever seeing them again, especially as an appeal to the angel of lost property didn't throw any light on things (most unusual, as that usually works). Well, as I was scrabbling down between the side of the little cabinet beside my armchair and my big sewing basket the other day, looking for something else, Lo and Behold: there they were! I swear I looked there several times previously and they definitely weren't there. Anyway I decided it was best to make them up before they could disappear again. The first one is Saturday's result, a beaded pillow finish:

Back view:

All of it was sewn by hand, as I couldn't face wrestling with the sewing machine - I got real satisfaction from stitching it the slow way and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It wasn't all computer and stitchy stuff though: some of the afternoon was spent helping DH in the garden.......... after the GP qualifying had finished, of course. Both the lawnmower and the strimmer had an outing. We would have got a bit more done but got rained off, thanks to some of that typical British summer weather.

As DH and DS disappeared off to the theatre Saturday evening - it was Get Out after the performance, where all the set etc has to be dismantled and removed from the theatre - I made a start on the second ornie. This one I made up using pinkeep finishing instructions, as a practice run for making an actual pinkeep at some point: two matching pieces of card with wadding glued to them, then cover one with backing fabric and the other with the stitching, then glue them back to back. I used a hot glue gun, for an instant fix: it can get a bit stringy and the ruddy glue burns like merry hell if you're not careful but it does give quick results. I left off after this, as it was quite late, and my finger ends had had enough burns.

Sunday we didn't go out either as I wasn't feeling too great - felt as shakey and weak as a newborn lamb until I'd had something to eat and drink, then I felt better but not 100% (so hope I'm not coming down with something so close to our holiday!). Decided a quiet day in was best (much to DH's relief as he got to watch the Grand Prix), especially as the weather was so unpredictable, and went for distraction as the best medicine: over stitching the edges of the second ornie, then sewing on the corded edging. This was the result:

Back view:

The cording just wouldn't lay right at the bottom when knotted, no matter how many different types of knots we tried, and it started to get a tad frustrating - then I had one of those rare Eureka moments and fished that bead out of my stash. It's wire-wrapped with loops of wire either side and was ideal for slotting the cord through and holding it in place. Am quite pleased with both end results and especially with the learning curve on the second one...... pinkeep finish here I come! LOL

The design is called Reindeer (as if you hadn't guessed), kit #EXM 103 by Fleur de Lis. There was enough thread in the kit to stitch both pieces plus some left over - that's what I call value for money.

Sunday evening I made a start on finishing a third ornie, believe it or not. It's the berries and leaves piece some of you helped me pick the backing fabric for (red with gold leaves) a while ago. That ornie had disappeared into the blackhole for a while too and it resurfaced in the afternoon, again whilst I was looking for something else - as with the others, I decided it was best to make it up before it could go off travelling once more. It's all sewn up, I just need to decide how to embellish it. Almost three ornies in two days: now that's what I call being on a roll. :0)

BTW, I take absolutely no responsibility for anyone who was tempted by the Cotton Patch fabrics - I only posted a link so you could see where I got my goodies from. ;0)

Dani: I have got the Arabian woman (larger size) in my stash but the little one is called Moorish woman. There's a little similarity in style but the headgear and poses are different.

Jane: thanks for the thread suggestion. Unfortunately I only have a couple of OWS and they're not the colour you mentioned. :0( I mostly have Carrie's cottons and DD silks plus good old DMC.

Well, as Alex will be round a little later, I'm off to carry on with some jobs for now. I plan on carrying on with the third ornie tonight, while the finishing mood remains, then hopefully get around to some stitching - the next Ozark pack has arrived and I'd like to get that done and out of the way so I can concentrate on sorting things for holiday packing.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Thanks for taking the time to visit. :0)


Julie said...

Wonderful ornies Karan, your tree will look so beautiful this year.

My DH is huge GP fan too, heaven help you if you plan anything on the GP day!!! Last race i taped the wrong side on qualifying day as he was out ... got a whole load of something else, he was not impressed LOL

tkdchick said...

I bet your DH was happy to see Lewis Hamilton win the German GP!

Your ornies turned out great!

Miss 376 said...

They make a beautiful pair. Hope you don't come down with anything before the holiday

Sally said...

It's amazing how things suddenly appear isn't it? I'm sure there's a fairy or something having a good giggle at our expense somewhere!

Lovely ornaments. Mmm I stay away from hot glue guns!

I've used Cotton Patch before too. They are really good but haven't had anything for ages. Certainly tempted after seeing your haul though!

Lynn said...

Both finishes are gorgeous Karan, well done. I'll be having a go at the beaded finish, it's very stylish lol

Elisa said...

You have received an award:) Please see my blog:)

Christine said...

Great ornies!
I've nominated you for a blog award, see my blog for details

Karen said...

your ornis are fab Karan, I hate it when the cording won't play nice lol the bead idea is super

Mylene said...

Your ornaments turned out great, Karan. Well done!