Friday, 4 July 2008

Weekend Witterings

Thank you for all the lovely comments about Alex's fabric box, she will really appreciate them. It's such a shame she doesn't get as much time as she would like to indulge her passion for embroidery.

No stitching pics of my own to share yet. I've completed stitching the JA/S&S Monthly Challenge piece but can't share any pics until Reveal Day, later this month. So far I'm pretty pleased with how it looks and I know how I want to finish it - just hope my skills are up to the new finishing technique I'll be trying!

I've stitched a bit more on Cleo but not enough to make a pic worthwhile. Here's one of a card I made the other day instead:

It's for my next door neighbour's youngest DD. I bought a Fiskars circle punch whilst at The Range last weekend and making this card was the ideal opportunity to have a play with it. I love those funky 3-D butterfly embellishments too and think they should appeal to my neighbours little girl. :0)

This morning (Saturday) DH and I had to pop down the local High Street. No fun at all, as it was absolutely persisting down with rain at the time. Despite using brollies we still got quite wet plus I also found out that my showerproof anorak isn't any more! Anyways, the errands got done and we also picked up our glasses from the opticians.......... and went home quite a few quid poorer for it. DH seems to be getting on with his new vari-focals OK but my new lenses made me feel nauseous and I couldn't focus properly, due to them having prisms in them, so they will take some getting used to. As we are going to my DSis's tomorrow and, in all likelihood, I'll be staying with her for a few days (she's got the week off) I've decided not to permanently change to the new lens specs until after I come back. If we are going to be out and about I have to be able to see OK, so I can give total concentration to the full shopping experience, don't I? LOL
Hopefully, once I get used to the new lenses, I'll once more be able to see clearly to stitch with my specs on and keeping them on means I'll also be able to see the TV. Yay!

When we'd finished down the High Street we went to a local garden centre for dinner and came away with a bird seed feeder, to replace the grotty old one, and a new pot. This pot is for a small fuschia bush my Dad gave me - it's currently in a plastic pot he set it in but it now seems to be struggling in that, so we decided it's time to give it a bit more room to grow. Hopefully it'll like it's new home and start to do as well as the one that is currently planted in the garden.
I have to say I enjoyed the trip to the garden centre more than the trip to Wickes DIY we had afterwards but, thankfully, it was a quick visit for a couple of items. Next was Brantano: I went in for a pair of slippers and some canvas shoes, didn't see any I liked, but came away with a pair of very comfy Skechers shoes instead - DH didn't spot any trainers he liked. We came out to bright sunshine and when we got home DS was pretty pleased with the change in the weather: it meant he and DH got to sort the fan belt on the Mini......... meantime, I fell asleep in my armchair. It seems I can no longer stand the pace! LOL

Well I have got a bag to pack so I'd better go get on with it. I will have a catch up with everyone after I get back from my DSis's - hopefully she won't walk my little legs off too much! LOL

Thank you for visiting - hope you are all having a good weekend. :0)


Karen said...

cute card, hope you have a nice time staying with your sister.
I am sure you will get used to the glasses soon (hopefully)

Mylene said...

Lovely card, Karan.

Enjoy your days at DSis place.

Miss 376 said...

What a beautiful card, think mum will like as much as the daughter. Have a lovely time away

Julie said...

Great card, have a wonderful time with Dsis on your mini holiday LOL

Sally said...

Have a great time with your sis Karan! Happy Birthday!

Stitchingranny said...

A beautiful card I am sure Erin will love it. Hope you had a lovely time with your DSis.