Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Here's The Proof.....

that I did actually stitch on Guenevere this Tuesday UFO Night, after a lack of stitching on her during the previous two weeks: I don't fancy tackling lots of metallic thread stitching right at the end of this, so decided to do all of the infill with it this time around - it really sparkles IRL.

Actually I stitched on her Wednesday night too, as I had numerous interruptions on Tuesday night and didn't get much done. DH kept wanting my input for various things on the computer - shouldn't complain, as he was sorting things out for me but it did get frustrating as I only got the odd few stitches in here and there.
Then I had a long phone call from my DSis. She was all traumatised from having a large beetle drop down her cleavage while she was sat watching TV! Apparently that had had her jumping around like a whirling dervish and speaking in tongues, although I reckon what she yelled would have been far from Biblical and the racket she made would definitely have had her next-door neighbours wondering what on earth she was getting up to. She said it was a good thing that the blinds were shut, especially by the time she'd done fishing the beetle out. When I stopped laughing for long enough I rather helpfully pointed out that she probably wasn't as severely traumatised as the poor beetle......... what she said next was most definitely Anglo-Saxon in origin. LMAO
Actually she was quite restrained: after she'd put all her clothing back in place, said beetle was scooped up in a newspaper (not flattened with it) and rapidly evicted from the house into the garden....... so he lives to tell the tale to all his pals. Wonder what they'll make of all that, then? ROFLMAO When my poor DSis rang off she went to have a bath. :0)

By the time I'd done with Guenevere last night there wasn't time to pick up Cleo again, so no HD just yet. I plan on making up for that today though, so watch this space..........

Pics of my Monthly Challenge piece have arrived with Karen and gone in the album - now it's a case of waiting for Reveal Day to see all the finishes. Can't wait!

Helen: hope you enjoyed the coffee, toast and peanut butter. :0) The optician told me that my eye muscles were doing something they shouldn't be doing (over compensating or something) and that was likely responsible for some bad headaches I'd had (in the eye exam it also meant that the vertical black line didn't stay central to the white dot but kept looking like it was wandering off). The prisms are to stop that from happening and help the eye muscles go back to doing what they are supposed to do. Despite the weird optical illusion with flat surfaces my eyes are much better now and there's been no sign of a headache since the first couple of days of wearing them (touch wood!). I'm a happy bunny because I can, once again, see to stitch and watch TV when there's a really good programme on, like Lewis or Bonekickers. :0)

Thank you for taking the time to visit and especially to those who leave comments - it's lovely to get the feedback and know I'm not just rambling away to myself. Hope everyone is having a good day. :0)


Anonymous said...

Guenevere looks great,well done for carrying on weds,Glad your headaches have eased and you can get back to stitching!Funny story about your sis lol Thanks for sharing!!

Julie said...

Guen looks superb, i can see the sparkly

Poor DSis, you are a rotter... i guess you would have been real serene and maybe asked DH to fish it out for you!!! oeeeeerrrr did i really type that LOL

We're fans of Bonekickers too

Lynn said...

Oh Karan, I did laugh at your DSis's antics, roflmao!
Guenevere is looking fabulous, well done :)