Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A Goal Reached

I set myself a goal earlier in the month: to have the dress pattern on Guenevere fully done before going off on our holiday. I managed to stitch all of the remaining black work pattern and all bar about seven of the metallic infill bits during Tuesday UFO Night and was determined to achieve the goal, so I sat and did those last few infills on Wednesday night. Here's a now fully clothed Guenevere:

I am hoping that Julie and Mr Stick will grant me permission for two weeks leave of abscence from UFO Night. :0) I promise to come back refreshed and ready to tackle the whip stitch that edges the dress and defines the folds in it. LOL

Actually, I had planned on doing the stitching on Guen in the afternoon but a combination of a walk with DH down our local High Street in the morning, when it was that sticky, breathing treacle kind of muggy, and the bright sun we had in the afternoon did for me: not long after sitting down in my armchair I fell asleep and didn't properly wake up until after DS got in from work. How bad is that?

The High Street visit was the result of the optician phoning the day before to let me know that my glasses broke as they were attempting to take out the old lenses, so could I come in to choose a new pair (at a discount) and have them fitted. As these are having much-needed transitional lenses in them and I want them back in time for my holiday doing this was pretty urgent, so DH took the morning off to take me there. I was really boring and chose my usual beigey coloured frames in a similar shape to what I've had countless times before, although these ones have a bit of gold fancywork where the ear post hinge meets the frame. I just don't like anything too flamboyant - the glasses are there to help correct my vision so I can see OK to stitch etc, not take over my face. LOL They've said the glasses should be back Friday afternoon, so fingers crossed! After that it was a trip down to the Building Society, then back up to Tesco Express to get some shopping on the way home. DH left me to put the shopping away so he could get to work.

The Mini is still off the road. Finding a replacement arm thingy has been difficult, thanks to the old style "real" Mini's parts being classed as obsolete by most parts stockists and getting what we need from the place we bought the Mini from is too much hassle this late in the day. Luckily a chance chat DS had with one of the drivers where he works turned up trumps: the drivers DS runs a small garage and he has the part we need, so it's being delivered to DS at work today. DH was hoping to get it fitted tonight but the weather has now broken and it's raining. DS and DH are both off work tomorrow but DS is having a trip to Meadowhall with his friends, to do some clothes shopping, and DH will be helping me pack and doing the thousand and one things that have to be done before we go away.......... so it's doubtful it's now going to get done this side of our holiday. Talk about carp timing!

Yes, I did say the weather has finally broken today. It's still somewhat muggy but is getting gradually cooler as another lot of rain falls. I can almost see the flowers doing a Happy Dance and the lawn seems to get greener each time I look at it! LOL I also feel like doing things again, so have made a start on the non-clothes packing and putting bits we need to take in the hall, ready to go in the back of the car. Plus I am going to finally sort out the stitching projects to take with me: Night Watchman is definitely going and I shall take Alchemy's Copper Beech, in case I fancy a change from cross stitch, but fancy taking a small new start as well. Mother Earth keeps calling too........ do you think taking four projects is a bit O.T.T? Bear in mind that, as well as keeping busy with some evening stitching, DS has said he'd like to go fishing at least once, so I'll need something to do while he and DH are doing that, plus DH and DS plan on doing a couple of bigger walks that not even in my wildest imaginings could I tackle these days, so I shall be spending those times on my tod - no computer access (*sob*), so it's got to be stitching. I don't want to get bored by just stitching on a single project for the fortnight............ hhhmm, maybe I should take a fifth project, just to be on the safe side? LMAO

Many thanks for the kind comments re: the Ozark mystery piece. There seems to be a mixed response to my question about mysteries. I guess it's all down to a case of either not doing them at all, or making a judgement call going by a designers previous pieces - I only decided to do this piece once I knew who the designer was. I've mostly enjoyed this mystery, have been happy that the thread colours have been some of my favourite colours and the patterns have been interesting to stitch and pretty to look at but I think it was a lucky choice, so will still remain cautious about signing up for any more. Call me boring but I definitely prefer seeing the whole design before choosing to stitch it. :0)

Many thanks for taking the time to visit (*wave* to newbies) - hope you're all having a good day, whatever the weather and whatever you're doing. :0)


Julie said...

Guen looks fab, Mr Stick says seeing as you finished the dress off he'll give you a 'going away' pass!!

Hope the specs are ready in time, have fun and show us lots of nice piccies when you get back.

Hope the poor mini isn't all sad and lonely being left behind all broken and in the car hospital...

brokenfairy said...

Well done on getting her dressed!!
I hope you have a wonderful holiday and take as many projects as you want, ;0)I did but I only stitched on one and that was such a little bit,but I know that I was glad I had them just in case!!

Lynn said...

QG is stunning, well done on all that black work !

Hope you have a wonderful, restful holiday and get some decent weather .. not too hot and not too wet lol . As far as projects go, take them all, even if you don't touch them, you've given them an outing rofl

Christine said...

Well done on Gwen! No, four projects is NOT to many to take, you need a choice - anyway Copper Beech is a quick stitch ;D

Sally said...

Guen is looking good Karan. Well done on reaching your goal:)

I would definitely take at least 4 projects with you! LOL! Last time we went away I took quite a few!

We had quite a heavy downpour earlier so it feels much fresher now.

Miss 376 said...

She looks fantastic, well worth the extra time you spent on her. Better to take too many projects and not need them, than not to take enough and be sat twiddling your thumbs. Enjoy your holiday

tkdchick said...

Your blackwork is coming along beautifully! Keep up with it!

Angela said...

Take as many pieces as you can. I can't take any on holiday with me as I need my magnifying lamp to be able to see to sew so have a bit of a holiday stitch for me.