Thursday, 31 July 2008

A Card

Many thanks for all the kind comments regarding Guen. Thanks for the two week pass Mr Stick - will come back ready to tackle that whip stitch. :0)

Well, as I haven't any stitching to show - had planned on trying to do some last night but it didn't happen - thought I would show a pic of the card I made and sent to Julie for her recent birthday.

I used one of the new brass stencils and threads I bought from QVC a while back. It's a mix of paper pricking, embroidery and dry embossing with peel-off images coloured with chalks and
I enjoyed making it - paper pricking is quite soothing to do and chalking is my favourite form of colouring. :0)

Well, it looks like the overall view is to take as many projects on holiday as I think are needed to keep me occupied. Fair enough..... I can do that. :0) When sharing this info with DH he gave me a real beady look and grunted something about will they all fit in the one bag? (real emphasis on one). Course they will: it's a big bag and I know how to pack the optimum amount into it, don't I! ;0) So, the goodies going for a holiday with me (so far) are: Night Watchman; Moorish Woman (small version); a plastic canvas Santa ornie; Copper Beech hardanger piece and LHN Always and Forever, with fabric and choice of three threads (will choose one when I want to start it), plus all the necessary tools needed. HAED Mother Earth is still calling, so I may just have to squeeze her in as well. Reckon that little lot should keep me out of mischief, don't you? LMAO

The rest of the packing is going slowly. DH decided he needed to have a play with the empty cases, cool box, plus the fishing gear and fold-up seats etc to see how things will fit in the back of the Honda. It's got a bit smaller boot than The Tank (we could take everything and the kitchen sink in that) so fitting everything in needs some planning, apparently. That lost us about 45 minutes. He then decided to take the new Mini part out to the workshop to get it out of the way........ then promptly decided while he was down there he may as well check it out and grease up all of the moving parts. That lost another 30 minutes or so, by the time he'd cleaned himself up afterwards. He's now cleaning out the washing machine's filter. It's not getting the ruddy packing done........ and he's in the way, so I can't finish the job I was doing in the kitchen......... so I've come on here for a moan and a de-stress. Men!

DS disappeared off to Meadowhall his morning. We got a phone call about an hour after he'd gone: it seems they took the wrong turning and ended up on their way to Wakefield. As they didn't have a map or sat nav between them they rang up for directions to get back to Meadowhall - instructions were duly given. We got a phone call a while later to say they'd finally arrived. So it seems it's not just DH who has the knack of going places via the scenic route! LOL Let's hope they find their way home OK - DS still has all his packing to do.

Well DH has finally finished tinkering with the washing machine so I'd best go and carry on with the packing. This will be my last post before our holiday and I won't be able to post again until I get back....... unless I can manage to find an internet cafe. ;0)

Be good while I'm away - will catch up with you all again in a fortnight's time. Thank you for visiting. :0)


Sally said...

Have a fantastic time Karan:) Don't overload those bags with stitching LOL!!!

Lovely card you made for Julie:)

jane said...

Lovely card Karan - I keep looking at those kits on QVC and am very
Hope you have a great holiday once the packing and preparation is done!!

Christine said...

Lovely card Karan.

I'm confused, how can anyone NOT find the Meadowhall?

Julie said...

Thank you for me lovely card, its so much nicer in real life LOL

Enjoy your hols, stitch, relax and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Karan please visit my blog when you have got the chance to do so. I have got a surprise waiting for you. Enjoy your holidays.

All the best,

Lisa said...

Great card Karan.
Had to laugh about your DS, he came near to me if he got to Wakefield lol.
Hope you have a great holiday and get to stitch on all of your packed projects. I'm trying to work out how many I can sneak in the caravan when we go lol.

Julie said...

Please visit my blog (3rd Aug) you have received and award

Miss 376 said...

My dad always managed to do the scenic route, became a family joke. A beautiful card. Enjoy your hols and if you get a chance when you get back, I've tagged you on my blog

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Karan, I am so far behind I missed wishing you a lovely holiday. Hope the weather remains as it has been for you. Not sure whether you are off to your hide-away or somewhere else but have fun whatever.

Mylene said...

Enjoy your holiday, Karan!!

Elisa said...

Love the card Karan...lucky Julie to receive it!!

Wishing you a fantastic holiday!!


Mylene said...

Hope you are enjoying your holiday!!

((You have an award, please pop on over to my blog to collect it))