Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Another Royal Visit

As yesterday was that time of the week again - Tuesday UFO Night - Queen Guenevere had another outing. I got into the flow of the pattern quite nicely, so that meant I had a good stitching session on her. Here's how she looks now:

This time I also stitched the metallic thread infill, rather than leaving it for next time, which makes it feel like I achieved more. Another couple of sessions and she'll be fully dressed. LOL

My plans to finish the third Christmas ornie on Monday night didn't quite work out, not even getting as far as sorting the right colour beads for it, because after I'd had my tea I promptly fell asleep. When I eventually woke up I just wasn't in the mood for much more than watching a bit of TV before going to bed. Sheesh, sometimes I am more like a geriatric then a woman in her 40's! Am hoping to make up for it tonight.......... that's if the warm day and hanging out and bringing in two loads of laundry hasn't totally wiped me out, so I end up falling asleep after my tea again. LOL

To be honest, when I've had the chance, I've sat with my feet up today (in an effort to stop my ankles from ballooning in the heat) reading my latest book: The Ambassador by Edwina Currie. First one of hers I've read and it was an enjoyable one - although the concept of genetic manipulation being used to that extent and it being considered not only the norm but highly desirable, within a consolidated Europe of the future, was pretty unnerving. Will definitely be keeping an eye open for her other books now. I shall have to choose another read for bedtime tonight...... hmmm, wonder what to go for? :0)

Ooo, nearly forgot: after we saw Alex off on Monday night my neighbour called to us. He's now a proud Dad for the third time, this time to a bouncing baby boy......... and I say bouncing because he was a whopping 9lbs 13oz at birth! (Makes me wince!) Must admit I'd suspected baby had arrived: I knew she was due this month, had heard a baby crying last weekend and we'd spotted there were a lot more visitors than usual. Not that I'm seriously nosey or anything - it was a no brainer. ;0) In true Blue Peter tradition I sent round a Congratulations card that I'd made earlier. LOL Hoping we'll get to see the little one soon - he's no name yet, as they are still trying to decide.

I am now off to get myself yet another cold drink and look for something to make for tea.

Hope those in the UK are enjoying the change from rain to good weather. Thanks to all for visiting. :0)


Anonymous said...

Queen Guenevere is looking beautiful in her pretty dress. I'm reading The Island by Victoria Heslop at the mo which i can recommend. i am enjoying it.

Miss 376 said...

I thought it was fantastic this morning, then came home with a thumping headache which meant I haven't stitched! The "queen" is looking fabulous, be great to see her fully dressed

Anonymous said...

Lovely progress,
Hope you felt better for your nap!
It was muggy here today,not very nice...sticky heat lol I am never satisfied

Clare - Aimetu said...

Just found your blog Karan, love your Guenivere.

Have you read any of Kate Mosse's books I've just finished Labyrinth it's a bit like the Bonekickers series that's just started on the BBC.

Putting your feet up is perfect for warm weather with lots of stitching too of course.

Sally said...

She's coming along beautifully Karan:)

What happened to the sun??? It's a tad cold here and misty.

Christine said...

Looks like "Gwen" is nearly finished.
Enjoy the weather, it won't last ;)!!!

tkdchick said...

She's looking lovely!

Lynn said...

QG is looking lovely, I can't wait to see her all finished :). Hope your feeling a bit better soon, we're not used to the sun are we lol .

Stitchingranny said...

Oh yes I certainly love the weather Karan. And with a 6 year old for most of the holidays I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will last.

QG is looking very regal and you are making excellent progress.

Mylene said...

Progress is coming along beautifully!!

Julie said...

Guen is looking so lovely

Congrats to your neighbours!