Friday, 18 July 2008

Belly Dancing Time

Yup, the Egyptian Belly Dancing CD's had another outing yesterday for another Happy Dance. LOL

Here is Queen Cleopatra, in all her unwashed and unpressed glory, thanks to me being too excited to wait before posting a pic to share:

As ever, the scan makes the colours look a little washed out - they are more vivid IRL and so typical of Ancient Egyptian colours. I enjoyed stitching her and am now trying to decide if I now fancy starting one of the sister kits to go with this. No, not another Egyptian one: there's a Venetian and a Moorish woman to go with. I thought there was a fourth as well but I must have imagined it, as I couldn't find it when I looked (sheesh - yet another brain fart moment!).

Then again I may opt for something completely different. I've been eyeing the LHN chart Always and Forever as a potential start. I've got some R&R 30ct fabric in Goldfinch to stitch it on but am dithering over a thread colour, as I don't have the recommended one (Belle Soie in Mer Blue). It doesn't necessarily have to be blue so, folks, to help get my imagination going with this: what thread/s and colour/s do you suggest?

I had a stash package with a difference arrive this week, with no threads, no charts and not a single evenweave or linen in sight. What kind of stash do you call that? Patchwork and quilting stash or, to be more precise, fabrics and wadding samples that I bought from an online patchwork and quilting shop called Cotton Patch:

Aren't they lovely? No, I'm not taking up yet another hobby (mighty tempting as it is, as I've always fancied taming the sewing machine and having a go at P & Q). These 9" x 11" cotton fabrics and the wadding were bought solely with the intention of using them to make up cross stitched ornies of varying kinds. I enjoyed the browse through all the fabrics on the site and will most probably go back there again at some point....... there were lots more lovely fabrics that were mighty tempting. :0)

Tonight I shall be phoning my DSis, partly to check if she's got over her trauma (LMAO) but mainly to see how her day of babysitting our nephew Fin went yesterday - his teachers were on strike and DBro and SIL were working, so DSis stepped in to help out as it was her day off. She was well prepared for it: DBro was leaving Fin's booster seat, in case they decided they wanted a trip out in the car, and she'd also bought a packet mix to make some choc chip muffins and a badge making kit. Nice - brings back memories of when my DS was little! :0) I did ask if I could go for a play too but she wasn't having it and reckoned I'd probably eat most of the choc chip muffins. Huh! Right cheek, I told her - I'd probably have to fight her off first so I could get a look-in! LOL

Other plans for tonight? Well DS will be at the theatre again, as he managed to get roped in to helping out with a dance schools production of Mouline Rouge all this week, and DH will be out on a works male bonding night out in town (an excuse to go for an ale or three, as he'll not be driving)........ so I shall be in sole charge of the TV remote and have a selection of stitching projects that need some attention. Night Watchman is feeling neglected, as I haven't had him out of my work bag for ages and the same with Mother Earth; then Memories is waiting for me to get round to stitching the final part, as is For Amanda, and there's the thought of a new start beckoning. Guess I'll wait until after I've had tea and seen the two fellas off and then see what mood takes me. :0)

Weekend plans haven't been decided on yet. My DSis is working, so we'll not be going to hers, so I guess it all depends on what the weather is doing...... if the last couple of days are anything to go by, then it'll be more rain showers. Still, there are enough DIY jobs to do in the house to keep DH going for a very looooooooong time. LOL

Julie: if I suggested that DH would still be running next week - and not because of the beetle! LMAO ;0)

Well, that's it for today. Hope you are all having a good day and have a fun weekend planned. Enjoy! :0)


Miss 376 said...

Cleopatra looks great and what fun you'll have with that fabric. Look forward to seeing the results.

Lynn said...

Karan, she looks stunning, well done on a great finish :)

tkdchick said...

Congratulations she's wonderful. Are you thinking of the Lanarte Kit Arabian Woman??? I've got her langquising unstarted!

Julie said...

WOWZA!!! Cleo looks stunning, it stitch up really quickly.

Nice fabrics, might have to go and have a peek there myself, can i send you the bill seeing as you're the enable LOL

Have a good weekend

jane said...

Cleopatra looks great Karan - well done. As for the LHN design, Old Willow Stitchery have some really nice quaker colours in their range - do you have any of those? I recently used Boysenberry which is a nice deep pink colour and they have some nice blues too.

Hazel said...

Well done for finishing Cleo. I have ordered from cotton patch before and they are quite good value i find. xx

Karen said...

wow lovely finish
your stash pack is very colourful, I am looking forward to seeing yoor orni finishes

Mylene said...

It's a beautiful finish, Karan. WOW! such lovely fabrics you've got.

Elisa said...

Fantastic finish Karan, I love her :)
Thanks for the fabbie shop link....or maybe not (says my credit card)

Sally said...

Wow Cleopatra is stunning Karan! Those eyes look so real it's scary! lol! Congratulations on your finish!

Those fabrics are lovely.

I am seriously behind on blogs. Guenervere is coming along well and I really admire for keeping up with her. Last time I tried blackwork I cursed it so much I swore I'd never do any again!

Christine said...

Congratulations on your finish. Cleopatra looks wonderful