Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Mystery

The Ozark mystery SAL, that is. Thought it was about time, after all the previous mentions, that I finally posted the promised pic:

This section consisted of the top two bands in the central panel. I decided to stitch the two bands that were on the main chart, rather than the alternatives supplied, as I liked the look of them the most. As I wasn't too sure about the Emerald Green thread, thinking it would dominate the piece a bit much, I stitched the little flowers in the same colour thread as the scrolls in the border to break it up a bit. Am still quite taken with this and glad I overcame my usual "What if I hate it when it's finished?" reluctance to sign up for paid mystery pieces.......... but it's doubtful I would rush into another one when this is finished.

Why? Well I've come to the conclusion that my stitching gratification has to be more instantaneous than a drawn out monthly drip feed. Whilst receiving the section and pretty threads each month on a mystery is OK (who doesn't like getting a stash surprise every month? LOL), there's nothing that beats seeing a design in its entirety and getting that immediate "Wow - I've just got to stitch that" itchy fingers reaction..... with the extra satisfaction of adding it to your stash. I don't know, maybe it's just me being weird again - my DH and DS certainly think I am at times! LOL I'd be interested to know what you folks think about paid mysteries.

I am currently in hot weather stitching slump mode: keep picking bits up with the intention of stitching but putting them down again because I just can't be bothered after all. It has got worse since I completed the Ozark section....... even the thought of a new start seems like too much bother right now and I really can't decide which, if any, projects to take on holiday with me. How bad is that?
Am hoping that tonight's UFO Night stitching will break the slump and get my mojo going again. There's absolutely no way I'm not taking part in UFO Night: apparently the hot weather has made Mr Stick cranky and I do not want a run in with a cranky Mr Stick! LOL

The Mini is still poorly, sick and balanced on the jacks: the arm thingy lost a bolt and DH bought a replacement for it yesterday but he's now decided it'll be best to replace the whole arm thingy (around £12, so not expensive - just means DS will have £12 less to spend on holiday). DH is currently having to run the lad into work for an 8.30am start....... and it's in the opposite direction to the steelworks....... and involves negotiating rush hour traffic on a main route into our town. DH was a mite cranky this morning so I don't think the earlier starts and extra running around are much to his liking. Roll on Saturday and the start of our holiday! :0)

Many thanks for the kind comments about my Challenge piece, they are very much appreciated. I've found they help as a very good motivator and encourage me to keep on trying new finishing techniques, so am especially grateful to you all for that.

Thank you for taking the time to visit - hope you are all having a happy, stitching-filled day. :0)


Julie said...

Ozark looks lovely Karan, very pretty colours. I always worry with a mystery if i'll like it or bin it!

Have a nice holiday.

Mr Stick is hoping to see Guen out again tonight please, she's nearly all done LOL

brokenfairy said...

I think it looks wonderful, Although I have yet to start my Ozark still :/

Miss 376 said...

I've have never tried one. I like the thought of receiving the monthly packs though, can imagine it would be quite exciting and give a little boost to get stitching

jane said...

Karan I love your Ozark mystery, I am kicking myself wishing I had signed up for it now..lol

Christine said...

I'm always nervous of mystery pieces too, but this one is looking very nice so far

Angela said...

I think it looks very nice but whilst getting nice post is always great I'd hate the surprise element. Like You I like to know what I'm stitching in part because I usually have a recipient in mind for each thing I stitch and I won't be able to do that with a mystery.

Sally said...

Your Ozark SAL is looking lovely Karan.I have to say that after the Christmas mystery I did I am very wary of mysteries. I like to see the piece in full now before I sign up to anything. Having said that I haven't signed up to any mystery since then. It really put me off. I still haven;t finished the Christmas one. I can't bring myself to.

Your S&S challenge piece is gorgeous. I think some of the finishes this time put mine to shame! I love the choices for this month.

I just fetched my washing in as it was starting to rain and now the sun is shining!

tkdchick said...

What great colours!!!! Can't wait to see more!