Saturday, 31 May 2008

Normal Service.....

has just about been resumed, I'm glad to say. :0)

DH and I had the trip to the Mind, Body and Spirit event at the Lincolnshire Showground today. We went a little later than planned, getting there just after 2pm. The late arrival meant I didn't have time to have my tarot cards read - or have any Reiki - but we did have a good wander round, soaking up the atmosphere, spent a little money, listened to some great toe-tapping live folk music (the chap also played a digeridoo) and watched medium Simon Goodfellow give messages to people from their departed loved ones. He's quite a funny bloke and there were a few laughs in there. I almost got a message. LOL He pointed me out as the lady in the green dress (yes - I actually wore a dress and not my habitual trousers!) but Henry or Harold didn't ring a bell and even less so was the name Nettie.......... turned out the message was for a lady on the opposite side of the room who was wearing a green top. After receiving messages from my Dad when we saw Ian Lawman at the Pink Pig I really wasn't expecting one again so soon, so didn't mind when it wasn't for me, but I'd so hoped that my SIL Helen would come through for my DH. Never mind, maybe another time - then let him say he doesn't really believe in it. LOL

We left when it all ended (5pm), bought an icecream apiece from the van in the car park and sat eating it near our car whilst the remaining people left. The weather was lovely and we were parked near a tree, close to open fields and away from most of the other cars, so it tempted us to linger a while and enjoy the quiet. We then had a nice, steady drive home and sat out in the garden having a cold drink afterwards, still buzzing from the great atmosphere at the event. :0)

We came away with a nice little haul: more Mother's Fragrance incense sticks and some special Isis incense (to be used on a burner); a couple of CD's; a herbal tea infusion (Menopause mix, so guess who that's for LOL); a bar of Olive Oil soap; a book on Dreams; a couple of embroidered velvet bags for my Rune and Angel cards; a Moon-gazing hare ornament (been looking for one of these for a while - now sitting on the hearth in the living room); leaflets galore for similar forthcoming events and various therapies and the following A4 poster:

It made me laugh out loud when I first read it - it's a great attitude to have to life and is something I fully intend on doing. LMAO

It's been a quiet evening for me, sharing my time between the computer and TV (too tired to risk picking up a needle), whilst DH popped along to show his face at an evening wedding "do". One of the Italian chaps who has been over here regularly to work on the Disaster Five project has married a local lass, so DH felt like helping them celebrate. :0)

Well that's about it for now as I need my bed, especially as we have another outing planned for tomorrow.

Thank you for the well wishes. Now whatever you're all doing this weekend I hope it's fun. :0)


Julie said...

LOL that poster, i like that

Sounds like you both had a nice day ... why is he a non-believer??

Stitchingranny said...

A friend of mine has this up over her desk and I agree its a great motto for life. Glad you had a great day.

Anonymous said...

You certainly had a busy day - sounds like you had a blast though!

Sally said...

Sounds like you both had a good day Karan.

Love the poster.

Karen said...

I would love to go to one of those shows , I never see them advertised round here