Thursday, 22 May 2008

Christmas In May????

The planned start on the next part of the Ozark SAL didn't happen on Wednesday night. No, I didn't give in and stick with Cleo either. A new start then? Nope.......... as it was such lovely weather DH and I had some time out in the garden, doing some weeding and general tidying up, after our evening meal had settled - all that fresh air (well, as fresh as it gets round here) and work did for us, so we had an early night instead. Must have gone sound off too because there wasn't a peep out of us until the alarm went off this morning........ wouldn't say either of us exactly leapt out of bed, eager to start the new day, either. LOL

The result of that is (apart from the aching muscles): no stitching update pics to share.
It hasn't been a totally craft-free zone though, because the cardmaking bug bit this afternoon. After seeing the lovely stitched Christmas cards and ornie on Mylene's blog it made me feel all festive, so I decided to be well organised and start my cards early too. Thanks for the inspiration Mylene. :0)

When DS had the tidy up (sorry Karen: I reckon it's a one-off event,a mental aberration, so no chance of you loaning him. LOL) he unearthed the snowman toppers I used on the first two cards:

I'd forgotten all about those, so it was nice to "find" them again and put them to good use. :0)

Next up was this quick and easy card:I made another three after these but will post the pics of them another time. I figure if I continue to make at least a couple of cards a month there should be plenty to send out by the time the festive season gets here. I'll probably also be well Christmassed out by then too! LMAO

I've now decided on which two designs to stitch for the JA/S&S Monthly Challenge and have the charts printed out ready to go. (Thanks again for posting the other links Karen). I know what fabric and threads I'm using on the first piece - just need to decide on the other. If the Ozark SAL still isn't shouting loudly enough tomorrow I reckon I'll start the first Challenge piece instead. Sorry folks....... won't be able to share these until Reveal Day, which I think is now the 23 June.

I've managed to do a reasonable amount of blog reading since being home but there are still a few more I need to visit - I will get there soon, I promise. Oh, for a few more hours in the day! ;0)

Thank you for taking the time to visit and especially for the kind comments - they are all greatly appreciated. :0)


Julie said...

Well done to DS for finding the 'lost' toppers.

You've certainly come back from your hols raring to go, how come i have no idea which one to stitch yet let alone what fabby and threads to use LOL

Stitchinwitch said...

You are way too organised. No way do I think about Christmas this early in the year. I'm lucky if I start mid November :)
Thanks for the comment

Karen said...

great cards I love them, DH has banned me from starting any new crafts LOL so if I don't stitch my cards they will be shop bought this year.
Are you going to join in the new exchange on JA? ;O) just another thing it add to your to do list LOL
Pity DS doesn't feel like being loned out guess I will have to think about doing it myself

Kyriaki said...

Christmas in May! Nuts :) Cool, though.

It doesn't feel like christmas here, quite the opposite. The weather's more like a Northern Hemisphere Christmas.

The cards look lovely - here's your trade. I can sew, I can't do paper-crafts to save my life! My sister's the scrapbooker.

DSis is doing well, mostly :) Thanks for the well wishes.

Mylene said...

You know i am glad i am not the only one working on christmas cards, happy to hear you got the inspiration from me.
Your cards looks wonderful and looking forward to see more. Will be working on a few, might get back to a few in 3D's as i have lots of materials too but will not be buying anymore as wanted to stop card making.

Have a nice week.

Sally said...

Now I bet you know which cards I like best Karan!!! Lol! All three are gorgeous though.

I started my SAL challenge the other day. I even know what I want to finish it off as!!

Stitchingranny said...

I know what you mean about catching up on the blog reading. I didnt read any over the bank holiday weekend and I have been reading for the last 2 hours and Ive only reached K :o(

The cards are lovely.