Monday, 19 May 2008

The Wanderer Has Returned!

I am now officially back from my holiday and in catch-up mode after a whole week without a computer. Yes, you read that right........ a whole week! *Faint*

We arrived home on Saturday but, in an effort to extend the holiday a little longer, called in at Brigg Garden Centre for dinner first.................... well...... actually, it was more to do with trying to avoid the inevitable laundry session and not wanting to see the state of the house after DS was home alone for a week.
Actually we got a shock when we did go home.......... he'd had the week off, due to it being Show Week (he was Stage Manager for Canterbury Tales), and in the daytime had actually been sorting things out and having a tidy up! That's no wrecked house due to wild parties, no dirty dish mountain in the sink, no overflowing rubbish bins and no smelly out-of-date food in the fridge - instead there was a heap of stuff moved from the back room (some to the hospice charity shop, some found homes elsewhere in the house/workshop/shed, some unwanted/useless stuff binned) and my craft things, which were being temporarily homed in the living room, had been transferred into the cleared space in the back room. I walked into the living room and nearly ran out, thinking I'd gone into the wrong house! LOL So impressed - I told DH we should go away more often if this is the result. LMAO.

I was going to post a couple of holiday pics of the cute coot babies and cygnets that were swimming on the fishing pond where we stayed (they hatched out while we were there) but the digicam managed to hide in the back of the car and has gone to work with DH. I'll bore you with those pics later in the week instead. ;0)

You've probably already seen this on Julie's Blog by now but I thought I'd show pics of the page marker I made and sent to her just before going on holiday.

A rather bad/blurry close up:
It's Alphabet Tree by Blue Ribbon Designs, stitched 1 over 1 on Polstitches 28ct Pearl evenweave using Kaalund silk thread Silky Oak. I do like this design! The back was finished with a piece of cotton backing fabric and it involved using the sewing machine......... which has a nasty habit of galloping off to do it's own thing, so the finishing wasn't as neat as I'd have liked. So glad that it arrived safely and that Julie liked it. :0)

I've had a lot of enjoyment out of making and sending these little surprises, so think it just might have to happen again soon. :0)

The weather was kind to us while we were away, so we were out and about a fair bit: trips to Market Rasen on Monday and Friday, so we could look round the shops and buy goodies from The Rainbow Room (our favourite place); a trip to Louth on Tuesday; Wednesday was a quick trip into Wragby, with a chill out the rest of the day and Thursday was a trip to Horncastle (antique shops and a trawl round lots of charity shops - result: a nice stash of second-hand books to read), with a trip back to the Pink Pig in the evening for our Night with Ian Lawman (psychic). Each evening (apart from Thursday) we took it in turns to host the Trivial Pursuits sessions........ you'd be surprised at just how competitive that gets. There's me, DSis and our cousin in the Young 'Uns team and DH, Aunty and Uncle in the Wrinklies team and we won 5 games to 4.......... but the Wrinklies were promising to whup our asses this time next year. LMAO.

I seemed to lose my stitching mojo whilst away and only managed a very small amount on Night Watchman - definitely not worth showing an update pic, as it'll hardly look any different from the previous one. I made a start on Queen Cleopatra and only managed the right hand side of her hair but after I got home the mojo quickly returned and I did far more. This is where I left off last night:

It's stitching up a treat and has me well and truly hooked, so I'll be carrying on with it for now.......... despite the next Ozark pack dropping through the letterbox and the final part of Jayne's Memories SAL arriving in my Inbox while I was away. Guess I'll get round to them eventually. ;0)

Thankfully the worst of the technical problems over at JA/S&S Forum are now sorted. Yay! So glad my usual log-in name of milfurnace is now being recognised, so I haven't lost my Supreme Chatterbox status........... I worked real hard at gaining that, so I want to keep it! LOL It's good to see everyone gradually getting back in again.

Glad to say that all the laundry finally got finished today. Yay! The regular Monday jobs were also tackled and Alex popped round for her usual chat and coffee late this afternoon - our first nattering session for several weeks, due to holidays and things, so there was a lot to catch up on. Hopefully I shall start catching up on blog reading/commenting in the next few days and see what you've all been up to while I was away......... hope you've been good!

Christine: got a great mental image of you scarifying those poor slugs and snails with those blue pellets of doom! ROFLMAO

Thank you for stopping by and for all the kind comments - all much appreciated. :0)


Sally said...

Welcome back Karan! It sounds like you had a wonderful time:)

Love the marker you made for Julie. It is so so pretty.

Wow you have got loads done on Cleopatra! Your mojo has definitely returned!

It's good to see the forum back up again. Unfortunately I'm one of the ones who can't get back in with my original name so lost my supreme chatterbox status. Don't think I'll ever get that back again:(

Mylene said...

WOW! Isn't that great of DS with all the tidying.

Start on Queen Cleopatra is looking good.

Your page marker looks lovely.

Looking forward to see your pictures.

Karen said...

fancy sending DS down here I could do with some movivation to tidy up lol

welcome home

Lovely page marker you sent Julie

Julie said...

You certainly packed a lot into a week
I love my page marker and so does everyone else who sees it, thank you so much.