Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A Tuesday UFO Night Update

Well, despite the JA/S&S Forum having technical glitches, the regular Tuesday UFO Night went ahead as normal......... I tell you, that Julie and Mr Stick are real hard task masters. ;0) LOL Here's where I left off:

Not as much progress as I'd have liked but my eyes were tired last night, so the 1 over 1 was a bit hard on them and took longer to do as a result. Still progress is progress. :0)

I actually had a late start with my stitching last night too. While we were out car hunting on Sunday we spotted one we liked but couldn't go back on Monday for another look because I wasn't feeling up to it. So, last night DH had a flyer from work, picked me up and we went to the garage to give the car a test run. We liked it even more after that and got them to take details of the Trooper so they could give us a trade-in price for it. When we'd done there we decided, as we were going to drive past it anyway, to stop and call in at the Malt Shovel for our tea - the steak pie, chips and veggies were very nice and made a change from my usual choice of salmon.
The garage phoned this morning with a trade-in price and DH is now deciding what to do next - fingers crossed we will have a new car very soon (as in: before we go on holiday on Saturday!). :0)

I realised after posting last night that I forgot to include a pic of the card I sent to Helen, although I guess most of you have already seen it on her blog already - but because I haven't got any other stitching pics to share yet I thought I'd post it anyway:
Here's one I also made and sent to Dawn, as she also had an operation recently:
I hope it arrived OK and that she's recuperating well.

I've got a new project prepared, ready to take with me on holiday in case I get bored with Night Watchman and want a change. No, not one of the ones mentioned in a previous post (I love your idea of how to choose which one Helen - may try that after I get back, if I still can't decide) but another kit from my stash. It's a small'ish piece by Lanarte called Cleopatra .Yes, I know.......... another Egyptian piece. All I can say is I'm a glutton for punishment, although this one is waaaaay smaller than ET, so won't give me as much hassle............ hopefully! LOL

Well, if I'm ever going to have that Blog catch-up I'd best get on with it - last count there were over 50 new posts to read! What have you all been up to? ;0)

Hope you're all having the same lovely weather I'm enjoying at the moment. Thank you for visiting. :0)


Kyriaki said...

Thankyou so much - I felt guilty asking, but I do feel like I'm writing to thin air sometimes. It's so lovely to know someone actually reads it!

The cards are gorgeous, as is your stitching. What's the name of that over one piece?

Mylene said...

Update is coming along great,
And lovely cards too.

Julie said...

There is no escape from Mr Stick Karan LOL, it looks lovely and will soon be finished

Lovely cards

Hope you have a nice holiday and the weather stays nice next week

Karen said...

very nice cards, your wip is coming along well, some weeks you will do more than other , I am finding hard work stitching this month

Sally said...

Lovely progress Karan. Mr Stick doesn't give up does he? Lol!

Lovely cards too.

Hope you manage to get another car sorted before you go away.

Anonymous said...

lovely cards Karan and your wip is coming along beautifully