Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A Little Christmas In June.

Despite the rainy weather on Sunday we went out anyway. We started with dinner at a local garden centre and, luckily, by the time we went on to a local Motor Show the rain had stopped. No, I'm not having a mid-life crisis and turning into a petrol head..... DH and I wanted a look-see at the Motorhomes that were on display there. After being caravanners since DS was a youngster we're now thinking of swapping our 'van for a Motorhome, as they are much more stable than a towing outfit and there's a lot less hassle setting up when you've arrived on a site - essential now both DH and I have health problems that will gradually deteriorate. It would also mean much more holiday/weekend freedom for us plus, thinking ahead to DH's retirement, it would make it so much easier for us to take off whenever we felt like it, to wherever we fancied going and for as long as we wanted....... or at least until our pension money ran out. LOL

It was interesting to see different makes of Motorhome's and how they handle the internal layouts and seeing them gave us a better idea of what we do and don't like. We both like the end fixed bed option: no having to make up your bed every night and take it down every morning, which becomes very wearing when we're away for a fortnight in our caravan. The Adriatik range came out tops with us for best use of space but we are probably a little biased, as our caravan is an Adria - they are different branches of the same company. We liked one of the smaller Izola's - you can have a nosey here at some of the larger ones they produce. Unfortunately we don't have a spare £40grand available for the new models - we have got the details of a sales site (actually pretty close to where we live) to go and have a nosey at their used models....... so guess where we are probably going next weekend. :0)

Yesterday was my usual routine: got all the house jobs done before Alex came round for a coffee and a natter. She and my DS went to the M,B&S Event on the Sunday, so we compared our experiences of that - she enjoyed the folk music (as we had) and had a chat to the male half of the duo, the upshot being that he can get her a harp, an instrument she has always wanted, via a FairTrade route, and for half the cost she would be expected to pay from a musical supplier here. She's now saving the pennies - hope she saves them quickly, as I so want to hear her play that!
Between jobs I was having a Blog reading/commenting catch-up but I got quite a few error messages up and couldn't get onto some blogs, which got really frustrating, so I gave up after a while. Am hoping the problem has now been fixed, as I want to continue with the catch-up later.

No stitchy pics for you today: I've been busy stitching my JA/S&S Monthly Challenge piece and some of it is very fine, so it's taking a while. Plus it's a secret until Reveal Day. ;0) So here, as promised, are pics of the other three Christmas cards I made during last month's cardmaking session:

Yes, the snowman theme really did take a strong hold of me. :0)

I had a phone call from Kate from Thread Bear earlier: some charts I ordered last month are now in stock - I just have to nip over to the site and add a couple more bits to the order and it'll be all set to go. Yippee....... stash post is imminent! LOL

Julie: I will email you about your question. It may be too long-winded and heavy for a Blog. :0)

Right, as it's raining again and I can't do any gardening I am off to watch what's left of Dawn Bibby's session on QVC, whilst continuing with the Monthly Challenge piece, but I'll be back later to read those Blogs I couldn't access yesterday and catch up with all your news.

Hope you're all having a good day, whatever the weather is like where you are. :0)


Lisa said...

Ooh, lucky you looking for a motorhome. We have a Coachman caravan and love ours, but I have always quite fancied a motorhome.

Karen said...

hope you find a nice one to travel in
I love your cards

Sally said...

You have been busy again Karan:) I do hope you and your DH find a nice motorhome. My MIL always fancied one for her and FIL retired but it was obviously not meant to be:(

Lovely cards as always.

Mylene said...

Lovely christmas cards!!! Wish i have enough time too for card making as i have lots of those somewhere...

Goodluck in finding the right motorhome.

Stitchingranny said...

Lovely cards Karen but then they always are. We have always camped (the tent variety) and I never fancied dragging a caravan but I often thought I would love a motor home so you could just stop and everything was ready.