Monday, 5 May 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend

I forgot to share pics of the new goodies I received on Friday morning - Plum Street Samplers charts I'd pre-ordered from Jayne: A bit of a surprise, as I didn't expect them to arrive for a while yet. I so love the tongue-in-cheek type of humour in these designs. :0)

The BH weekend got off to a good start with the arrival of more new stash on Saturday morning, my May's Monthly Clubs from Jayne's Attic:

Another lovely rainbow of colours and the fabric is another lovely one. :0)

So what did we get up to over the weekend then? Well, the short version is: a wander down the local High Street to post a couple of packages, do a little shopping and have dinner at the Il Sorriso cafe, followed by a couple of house jobs on Saturday; dinner out at a local garden centre with some plant buying (flowers and veggies) after, then a look round a couple of local garages at cars, then potting up the plants in the evening on Sunday; a quieter day Monday, as I was feeling very arthritic and had to take pain killers, so I finished the making up on a stitched piece - DH mowed the lawn and did a few other jobs in the garden. After such lovely weather and so much time spent in the garden the brown recycling bin is well and truly full, so it's a good job it's emptied this week! Unfortunately, despite all the attention it received, the garden still looks like there's a triffid or two out there. :0)

The Monthly Challenge piece, the Caron Keeper, I stitched last month has safely arrived in it's new home with Helen, so I can now post some pics. Here's a view of the front: The fabric was an unlabelled piece from my stash (28ct, I think, and a sort of mix between milk chocolate and milky coffee - difficult to describe) and the thread is Carrie's Creations Polar Bear. The edges are decorated with cream Mill Hill beads and I made a little hanging loop from the same beads too.

The back view:
I added a little "Made with Love" charm close to the hanging loop but you can't quite see it in the pic - I'm still learning as I go along with this digicam/photography lark. Each time I picked this piece up I kept thinking of Helen, so knew I had to send it to her. I was very nervous about it though, I must say, and am so happy she likes it. :0)

The stitched piece I finished on Monday is all wrapped, packaged and addressed ready for a trip to the Post Office, to be sent to its new home. I'm very nervous about this one too as it's the first time I've used the sewing machine to finish a piece - me and sewing machines don't get on that well! I'll post a pic when I know it's arrived.

The JA/S&S Forum is still not recognising me as a member so it's full-on cold turkey here at the moment and it's not nice. :0( I miss reading the news and seeing all the pics of the beautiful pieces everyone has been stitching. Those Yahoo forums just aren't the same, so I hope the technical glitch is fixed soon because I'm really missing everybody. :0(

Stitching wise: I've been working on Night Watchman since finishing the gift piece but I'll leave an update pic for another time. It just doesn't seem to grow very fast.

I've managed to get behind with Blog reading and commenting again, with being out-and-about so much, so hope to have a catch up in the next couple of days.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit - hope you're all having a good week. :0)


Anonymous said...

Oh I love getting the pink parcels from Jayne!!
We had a quiet weekend as we had no children ,just shopping!
Fabulous finish with the caron keeper,I do love the colours,and lucky Helen to receive it!!

Mylene said...

Great satsh, Karan.
I've seen the keeper at Helen's last night and it looks wonderful and neatly finished. Well done!

Julie said...

Great stash, and a lovely finish to the Caron Keeper ..... and to think you were scared of having a go at these challenges!!! you're becomming a serial finisher now LOL

Sally said...

Nice new stash from Jayne. I got a chart too but can't show it as it's for a pressie! Lol!

Lovely job on the Caron Keeper. Helen is so lucky:)

I'm really missing the forum. Funny how you think you can do without it but I'm the same as you. Yahoo groups are not the same.

Stitchingranny said...

Its after midnight and I am still trying to play catch up with blogs lol serves me right for going away for the weekend.

Yes I adore my little ornament and it has pride of place of my "special wall", I feel so lucky that you thought I warranted a gift.

Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

Love the Caron keeper, such a gorgeous finish, ooh! and what lovely stash, enjoy :)
Missing the JA forum too :(