Friday, 2 May 2008

Don't Panic! Don't Panic!

That's what I'm busy telling myself right now in true Corporal Jones/Dad's Army fashion. Why? Because, due to changing servers, the JA/S&S forum is currently down. Shrieeeeek! No stitching buddies chat since yesterday afternoon and I'm having withdrawal symptoms and going through separation anxieties here - so hope it's back up and running soon because I'm missing everybody. Sob!

So, what do you do when you can't have your daily forum fixes? Well...... there's Blogging catch ups and crafting and, if you're feeling really desperate......... eBay! Eheheh. ;0)

In the end I wasn't in the mood for the planned cardmaking session yesterday but the mood did take me today, so I made this:I don't actually know anyone who is retiring any time soon but there do seem to be a few ready for the off at the steelworks, from what DH tells me, so it will probably come in for one of the chaps there.

This one is all set for our Wedding Anniversary in July:

That's providing I haven't panned him in the meantime, that is. ;0) LOL Panned = heavy based frying pan/skillet to head, in case you were wondering. Unfortunately you can't swear blind to the police officer that it was an accident: "What, he hit his head on the floor a dozen times?" says the PO. "Oh, yes Officer, it was the weirdest thing - he just kept bouncing" says the wife. LMAO Only joking: if I haven't done it in the last 23 years it's unlikely I'll do it now. Anyway, knowing me, I'd be more likely to drop the darned pan and break my own toes before getting anywhere near DH! LOL

Another of yesterday's plans that didn't happen was stitching the central motif on the For Amanda SAL. When it came to it I just didn't feel like tackling it, so picked up a small 1 over 1 piece I started some time ago and stitched on that instead. That's another one I can't show you though because, if it turns out OK when I've completed it and done the finishing, it'll be another one going off to a new home. :0)

Well DS announced yesterday that he'd had a look at the holiday calendar at work and he can have the first two weeks in August off: where are we going? There was me and DH thinking he'd finally decide to trot off with his mates for a holiday, leaving us to have a quiet week or two somewhere by ourselves, taking things at our own pace, and at a time when the kids would all be safely back in school. Don't get me wrong, we love kids (had one of our own, enjoy seeing our nephew and nieces and I even used to be a playgroup supervisor) but we've got to the stage now that we would prefer to go places and not have to listen to someone else's badly behaved little monster/s having a tantrum when all we want is a quiet meal. DS didn't go off like that when he was little, so we don't see why we should have to put up with it from someone else's kid/s. We also don't want to have to avoid going to places at certain times just because we know it'll be heaving with families.
Help! I think we're turning into a pair of grumpy old f*rts! LOL

Weekend plans involve making sure everything we need for our week away at Rural Roosts is washed and ironed, ready for packing - so looking forward to the peace and quiet there. Must take the binoculars with us, as it's a birdwatching paradise. :0) Hopefully the weather will behave so we can get some gardening jobs done and I have a feeling DH may want to have a look at a couple of cars as well. Am pretty sure I shall also manage to fit in a bit of stitchy time here and there too. :0)

Thanks again for stopping by and for the comments - hope you all have a great weekend. :0)


Lynn said...

Rural Roosts looks lovely, my girls would love the fishing, but I'd be looking for the owls lol
Hope you have a wonderful time :)

Lovely cards too:)

Sally said...

LMAO Karan! I never thought of you as the Corporal Jones type!!! MMm well seen as the forum was still down this afternoon I've actually finished up Winter Wonderland but you'll have to wait and see what it is until tomorrow!!! Lol!

Cards are lovely as always.

Have a great weeekend! I hope we have some decent weather instead of the usualy rubbish we get when it's a bank holiday!

Karen said...

I wish people would keep their kids under control when they are out , even at supermarkets they let the kids eat while walking around , we were never allowed to do that, ahh well there are some that think nothing wrong with it I will join your boring f**ts club

Anonymous said...

I have been having Attic withdrawals as well!!LOL

Christine said...

I'm with you! I don't know what to do with myself today without the Attic to pop into!

Julie said...

Rural Roosts looks a gorgeous place to visit.

Can i join the BOF club too, it fits me to a tea!!!

Lovely cards, you are clever

Mylene said...

Such pretty cards, Karan.
Have a nice week.

Stitchingranny said...

lol your referal to children running round and being a nuisance takes me back a couple of years. We were up in Stirling after Mum broke her hip and David and Debbie came up with Oscar. We went to a lovely quiet restaurant for a meal after visiting in the evening and there were two children chasing amongst the tables. Oscar (then about 3) in a very loud voice said "Mummy why are those boys running round, don't their Mummy & Daddy tell them about manners".
We had to tell him that though we agreed with him it wasnt manners to say things about people in a loud voice either, though as the parents made the children sit down after that we were secretly glad he had said it out loud.