Thursday, 29 May 2008

Post Holiday Blues?

I seem to be having a bout of something like them at the moment, despite just having had a good Bank Holiday weekend. You know what I mean: you feel generally out of sorts with yourself and everything around you, everything seems like too much trouble, so you just can't be bothered, and your stitching mojo keeps wanting to pack it's bags and go off on a holiday all on its own. Not helped by the weather which is either warm and humid, so it feels like you're breathing treacle, or it's raining so I can't get outdoors to try and alleviate my mood. I learnt some time ago that it's best just to go with the flow when I feel like this, doing what I fancy doing when the mood strikes, as fighting it just leads to a deeper low that takes much longer to get over. Thankfully the worst of it seems to be passing now. :0)

Before the intermittent mojo really took hold I finished Part 5 of the Ozark SAL:
I made a couple of changes: the two motifs were different on the chart but I prefer things like that to be symmetrical so stitched them both the same and the numbers were supposed to be the same colour as the alphabet but I thought it would look a little heavy like that, so stitched it in the same colour as the motifs. The lighter areas of that thread get a little lost on the fabric but I like it anyway.

I got a couple of pinkies this week too, which helped to lift my mood.
There's the Twisted Oaks/Dinky Dyes Breast Cancer Needle Nanny (will be thinking of SIL Helen when I stitch that) and my regular Monthly Clubs of Carries threads and Sassy's fabric. So many lovely colours! I quite fancy stitching a single thread project using Plymouth Red, it's such a lush colour. :0)

So what else have I been up to?
Stitching-wise: about two threads worth on Night Watchman before giving it up as a lost cause for now. A little more progress on Cleo (update another time) but I've started on the 1 over 1 Petit Point face, so it's best done a little at a time. I did have a total block on the Monthly Challenge piece, despite having the fabric and thread all sorted, ready to go - thankfully that lifted last night and I made a start (sorry, no pics until Reveal Day later this month). I actually feel like sitting and stitching that again now, so will be off to do more when I've finished here.
Memories and For Amanda are still waiting in the wings but I've had a block on those as well - I will get round to them eventually!
Tuesday UFO Night I just couldn't decide on a new UFO, was really fed-up with myself and not fancying touching anything "new", so stitched a little on Cleo instead. I reckon normal service will be resumed next week, so please be gentle with me Mr Stick! LOL

As for the Bank Holiday weekend: Saturday was Brigg Farmers Market and DS went with Alex to do some shopping. Meantime, DH and I did some house and garden jobs. I raked up a lot of dried and strimmed grass - that didn't help things, as I set off my back and was seriously aching for a couple of days afterwards. Despite that DH and I had a trip to my DSis's on Sunday, with dinner at The Servery then on to Strikes Garden centre afterwards. DSis bought more compost, some willow trellis and a few plants for a couple of pots she'd forgotten about - we spent some time in her garden when we got back, putting in the new plants and doing some tidying up (I did everything very carefully!). Monday DS and DH worked on the Mini, so I took things easy and completed the Ozark SAL section in between doing a couple of jobs - Alex didn't come round, as she was visiting her parents. Tuesday DS was back at work but DH was still off (the steelworks always have an extra day for this BH, not sure why), so we had a trip out to the garden centre at Kirton after dinner. We are on a hunt for a small weeping willow tree: normal ones can grow up to 25 feet, which is way too big for our garden, but you can get smaller ones that have been grafted onto smaller trunks - the bulk of these seem to grow to around 6ft but we want one to grow to around 7 - 8ft, as our garden is big enough to take it. Not found one yet but there are several more garden centres to try, so we're not giving up just yet. :0)
DH went back at work Wednesday so I was busy catching up on jobs that needed doing. Thursday Alex came for a visit, bringing Grace with her. It was good to have a catch up on news and see Grace, who has grown quite a bit since last time I saw her, and her speech and imagination have developed a heck of a lot too. I'd forgotten how much hard work kids of that age can be...... and how entertaining they are too. It was an absolute delight to hear her yell out my DS's name when he got in from work: she was so excited she couldn't stand still and launched herself at him as soon as he stepped through the door - my 22 year old DS just seemed to melt as soon as he saw her. Grace is his god-daughter and it's obvious they adore each other. :0)

Today I've already got most of my jobs out of the way so am planning some afternoon stitching for a change, with a blog catch-up later (yes, I've got behind again!) - that's if I don't get distracted by the new book I'm currently reading. Yes, I am definitely feeling brighter, as up until today I couldn't even be bothered to pick a new book......... not me at all, as I love reading.

Weekend plans: continue with the great willow tree hunt LOL; there's a car show event somewhere around town that will have a couple of motorhomes on display, so we'll be popping along to that for a nosey at those and there's also a Mind, Body and Spirit event on at Lincolnshire Showground - a touch of Reiki and a nosey round the crystal and Pagan stalls will do me a power of good. :0)

Hope all in the UK had a great BH weekend and that all of you enjoy this coming weekend. Thank you for visiting. :0)


Sally said...

Your Ozark SAL is coming along well Karan. Love what was in your pinkie parcel.

Hope you're feeling brighter. {{{{hugs}}}}

Karen said...

sounds like you have been busy lol

I love looking at the crystals we have a few here

I must say that I have not stitched so much this year I guess thats what you get going back to work lol , the nights have given me attractive panda eyes !!!!

Julie said...

Ozarks looking lovely. Nice stash too.

I think a lot of ladies are feeling down right now, this rotten weather doesn't help.

Take care, {{hugs}}

Mylene said...

Hope you feel much better today!

Ozark SAL is looking good and wow! such lovely threads received.