Thursday, 1 May 2008

Beltane Blessings..... one and all - hope you are all having a happy May Day. :0) Here's a lovely pic I snagged from the internet of a pretty May Queen.It's been a lovely sunny day so far and the birds have been singing their hearts out - a wonderful day to be alive and certainly one to be out in the garden, enjoying Mother Nature at her best, which I've been doing throughout the morning. :0)
For the curious out there here is a link about Beltane and how some Pagans may choose to celebrate this happy occasion. Oh and just to set your minds at rest, so you aren't left with any traumatising mental images: the only times I do sky clad is in the shower or bath 'cos I don't consider getting arrested for flashing my booty at the neighbours a great way of celebrating any occasion. ;0) LMAO.

A great way of getting any day off to a good start is by receiving a stash parcel and here are some of the goodies I ordered from Thread Bear:

Can't show you the others as they're going to be pressies - the rest of my order will follow at a later date and I'll share pics of those when they arrive.

I completed the finishing on the Monthly Challenge piece last night - finally! Yay! I've taken a couple of pics but, as I said in my last post, I can't show them yet as the piece is off to a new home. This is the first time I've sent anything bigger than a stitched card to a fellow stitcher so I'm pretty nervous about it - all I can say is I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and just hope the recipient likes it.

The empty scroll frame (the one that had ET on it) is shouting louder and louder to me to fill it with a new project but the ditherer in me still can't decide which one it'll be. I've crossed this years L*K charts off the list because I haven't got all the threads needed and really don't want to go buying anything else now until after our holiday this month - it would be nice to take a little spending money with me. LOL There's the Papillon SAL, though that needs a floss toss on the COM Jonquil fabric before that can be started, but everything is kitted up and all set to go on LDS Rosemarkie, IC Tanglewood and Chatelaines Autumn Dusk......... those three are so different it's difficult to know which way to jump. Shout up ladies: which would you go for?

In the meantime, the perle thread for stitching the heart motif on the For Amanda SAL has arrived so I'm planning on tackling that some time today........ plus my card stash is calling, so a few cards will have to be made too.

Thanks for visiting and I hope your day is filled with Blessings and joy, whatever you are doing. :0)


Karen said...

super stash, whoever gets your finish will love it

Julie said...

Great stash.

I'd like to vote for the Chatelaine as i like that myself LOL, but whatever you choose will be nice to watch grow as it always is when i visit here

Lynn said...

OOh nice lot of charts there Karan :)

Can't help you with your next piece for the empty frame, perhaps you should get you DH to choose? rofl

It was lovely to see you back at my blog again, thank you for your kind comments (((hugs)))

Hazel said...

Great stash from Thread Bear. I love that place! xx

Stitchingranny said...

When Terri, Ann or I have the dilemma of which one to choose, we number them and someone gets to choose a number lol. Very scientific.

Love the new stash.