Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Another UFO Night Success

Last night was Tuesday UFO Night over at the JA/S&S Forum. Yes, Julie, I was good and left Cleo alone and stitched on my UFO instead....... so Mr Stick's services won't be needed. LOL
I was so close to a finish but had to call it a day around midnight when my eyes had finally had enough of the 1 over 1. I'm no quitter though, not when a Happy Dance is calling loudly, so when I'd finished my lunch I picked it up and carried on until it was finally completed.

The details, for those who need to know: the piece is called Love Is You and was a Limited Edition design by Carol Tinson of Heirloom Embroideries, issued for Valentine's 2007 via her forum. Fabric is Permin (Wichelt) 28ct Lambswool Linen and the silk threads I used are: VC Heart Wood and Kaalund Poinsettia. All stitched 1 over 1. It was started back in February 2007 - not my longest ever UFO piece but it is good to get it completed and have one less guilt trip in my workbasket to deal with. ;0)

Many thanks to Julie and Mr Stick and all the girls for all the encouragement. The group sure is on a roll for finishes at the moment - I think this is one of three completed this week!
I shall be back next Tuesday with yet another UFO....... not sure which one yet, will decide that on the night.

As there's no other stitchy pics here are the ones of the swans. Momma swan on the nest:

Not sure if this was pre or post hatching - guess if it was post hatching DH would have been fending off Poppa swan before he could get the camera out. LOL

Here's the proud Momma and her three babies:

Up on the bank there's a Mallard drake to the left and Canada Geese in the background - Poppa swan regularly gave them hell. LOL The Geese were about the noisiest things there - no traffic noise, no blaring stereo systems, no emergency services sirens blaring, no Friday/Saturday night drunks shouting and using the gate post as a urinal........... nothing. Sheer Bliss! :0)

The proud parents with babies: Notice Poppa swan swimming towards us? He may have had a limp but he sure could move fast when he thought Momma and babies were under threat. He reckoned my cousin got too close one day and was across the water and up the bank, hissing and snapping like a demented thing, before my cousin realised what was happening. We didn't hang around when we saw him swimming in our direction: we took the final shot of the view of Lincoln Cathedral and walked back to the cabin, leaving them in peace.

Helen: the cabins (or Lodge's, as they call them) are great. They are big enough that we all said we could quite fancy living in them! They are also extremely well kept, equipped and clean and Katie and Tim (owners) are lovely - any problems and they are only too happy to help. We can also highly recommend the breakfast and summer baskets they've started doing this year: mostly locally produced farm foods in them (the salmon and asparagus quiche was huge and very tasty!). Can recommend some good eating places too. Let me know if you want any more info. :0)

Tonight's stitching plans: I might just start the next part of the Ozark SAL....... if Cleo doesn't shout too loud. ;0) I also have to decide soon on which of the JA/S&S Monthly Challenge pieces I want to stitch and pull the fabric and threads for it. Due to the technical glitches the votes were lost, so it's been decided the best thing is to let us choose whichever one (or two!) of the freebies we want to stitch. We've also been given extra time for completion, due to everything being in limbo while the forum was down......... so if I really knuckle down I could conceivably stitch and make up two items (one for me and one as a gift). All pics will be posted in the album and I'm really looking forward to viewing that, especially as there's going to be even more variety than usual. :0)

Thanks for stopping by. Wherever you are: hope the weather is being kind and you're having a great day. :0)


Sally said...

Beautiful finish Karan; well done:)

Love the photos.

Thank you for all your comments on my blog. I'd lov the info you have on the new procedure. I can't see them doing anything for me as this is only the second time things have been that bad but when it interferes with your daily life it's no good.

Stitchingranny said...

Love is gorgeous - sort of got an old fashioned look I think, but then Im an old fashioned gal so its my sort of thing lol. Wish I was in their with those lucky happy dancers but think I will have at least another year before I join them.

Mama & Papa look rightly proud of their brood too.

So what will be next for the UFO bag?

Julie said...

YAY!!!! Mr Stick is twiggering about

Lovely pics ... awww how cute to see them hatch out while you were there

Elisa said...

Well done on your finish, it's gorgeous :)
I love all your photo's too, thanks for sharing them.