Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Some Holiday Snaps

As promised, here are some of the pics we took on holiday.
This is the view of the fishing pond we saw, through the patio doors of our log cabin, whenever we sat on the sofa:Look closely and you'll see a fishing brolly to the right. That guy was there, in the same spot, every day from first thing after an early breakfast until gone tea time - he must have had an enormous bladder because all the time we were there we never saw him once go back to his cabin for a loo break! LOL

The view from the back of the fishing pond, looking back at the cabins:

Our uncle, aunt and cousin were in the one on the right, us in the one next to it. The two cabins on the left were newly built over the winter.

At the back of the fishing pond is an embankment, built to act as a wind break as it's open fields for miles over the other side. This is the view across the fields from the top of it:
Look closely and you might just see Lincoln Cathedral in the distance. It dominates the whole area, so you can see why they chose to build there.

Here are the coot family, having an outing on the fishing pond:

The little fella at the back was always lagging behind - not sure if that was because he was just slower or if he was trying to make out he was braver than the others. He's got a beady eye on DH though.......... so maybe he was just posing for the camera! LOL

We heard the owls screeching and hooting on several nights but didn't manage to see any of them this time around. The foxes were also heard but not seen, though leftovers from their rabbit meals were dotted about in various places. The hares proved just as elusive - the crops in the fields were much higher than last year and they were keeping their heads well down........ DSis saw them twice, I only spotted them once. Badgers had moved in since last year and had created a sett in one of the embankments: lots of paw prints and some scat but they proved to be elusive too. Plenty of varied birdlife around and there were just too many rabbits to count! Oh, and one day, when we were driving back to the cabins (down a single track lane) what we think was a red deer fawn popped out from the hedgerow and trotted down the lane in front of us for several yards before disappearing into the hedgerow on the other side. It was a wonderful moment - once we'd got over the shock of almost turning it into a speed bump! LOL :0)

We love going on holiday with family but I've suggested to DH that it might be nice if just the two of us went back for a week, or long weekend, at some point. It would be nice to have another chill out but this time doing things at our pace - taking more time to sit and watch the bird and animal life and doing a little walking around the area to see if we can spot more. He likes the idea, especially as he gets a bonus of an extra week's holiday this year.

More pics another time of the swans and cygnets........ I've got to go chop an onion and fry some lamb mince for tea etc etc. Plus it's UFO Night tonight, so I've got to leave off Cleopatra and pick up Love Is You or Julie and Mr Stick will have something to say about it. ;0)

Thanks again for stopping by..... and I will be having a catch up with your blogs very soon. :0)


Julie said...

Great pics, it looks a super place, just my type of thing.

Are you stitching your UFO?? or Cleo LOL

Stitchingranny said...

A very big welcome home, you were missed. Cleo looks like a great start and you will soon catch up on night watchman.

It looks like you had a lovely time but I think you must be getting older lol. We used to love holidays with family or friends but nowdays we just love to have the time completely to ourselves, only us to please that way, we have put it down to age.

BTW we have been looking at those little chalets for a long weekend too, they look very nice from the pics.

Karen said...

super photos,

Sally said...

Wow that looks like the sort of place I'd like:) I love being where it's fairly quiet.