Thursday, 17 April 2008

Two Updates

I started on the next part of the Memories SAL last night but as it is just two rows of long and short satin stitch I won't post an update on that yet - I'll leave it until I've completed the whole section and then share.

Thought I'd post a pic of where I'm up to on the For Amanda SAL piece instead:
Am stalled on this until the Perle thread arrives from Thread Bear. Yes, I went shopping today and no, I didn't buy just the thread: their stock is just as bouncy as Jayne's and all kinds of wonderful things kept jumping into my basket and I just didn't have the heart to turf them out. LMAO ;0) Have had to ask that they send the package Recorded Delivery because the last few packages I've had (sent from elsewhere) have turned up with the packaging damaged (one looked like they'd been surfing up and down the depot on it). I'm hoping that sending by RD means that Royal Mail will handle it a little more gently. Yes, I can hear disbelieving snorts from all over the place - I doubt it'll work either but you have to live in hope!

The second update is of Night Watchman. After several occasional stitching sessions it seems to have grown a reasonable amount:

I'm concentrating on the background whenever I stitch on this because I know if I do the most interesting bit (the owl) first I shan't have much of an incentive to carry on with it. There's an awful lot of that background and it can be quite "bitty" - although it does look effective. That's what I like about Heritage Stitchcraft designs: they stay as true to the original piece of artwork as possible. Plus I also like the fact that the threads in their kits are pre-organised so all I've got to do is mark the centre of the fabric, put it on a frame and start stitching - great for when I'm feeling lazy and want a quick new start. :0)

DS seems to have settled into the new job OK. He doesn't enjoy having to drive along one of the main routes in/out of town at peak times but the quieter alternative route adds extra mileage/time to the run, so he's reluctant to use it - the price petrol (gas) costs now it would make a heck of a difference to the running costs. He's a bit grumpy at the minute because the insurance is due and, like me, he'd rather that money went on good stuff - in his case, PC/X Box games, DVD's, CD's and nights out. Don't think you need three guesses to work out what I'd rather spend it on. ;0) LOL

My back isn't twinging so much now, so I've had the Dyson out and given the bedrooms a birthday today....... and promptly had a piece drop off it and a spring go ping. Another job for DH - as if he hadn't got enough on his list already! Karen: he's pretty good at basic plumbing, as he and a friend put our heating system in and replaced all the old lead piping when we first moved in. He's also a proper electrical engineer, so he can do all those jobs too. The only problem is actually getting him motivated into shifting his butt to do the jobs............. anyone got any spare dynamite laying around? ;0) LMAO

Well, there's not much else to share for now as things have been fairly quiet since our rather hectic weekend - thankfully! Tonight I plan on doing a little blog reading and then will carry on stitching Memories.

Thanks for stopping by - hope all is well in your parts of the world. :0)


Julie said...

Amanda looks lovely Karen, as does the nightwatchman

Ordering more stash?? WOW you'll soon need a bigger house LOL

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Karan, For Amanda is just stunning - is it one that was only available for the sal or can you buy it?

laughing at your need to motivate DH - or course you do know you should never marry a shoemaker if you want your kids to have shoes lol.

Stitchingranny said...

Please visit my blog - i have given you an award.

Kyriaki said...

Lovely stitching, and I'm glad your back is feeling somewhat better.

Thankyou so much for all the lovely comments you've left on my blog :)

Paperfaerie said...

Your Amanda SAL & Nightwatchman are coming along great.
I don't have any dynamite with is man butt moving...but if anyone has I could do with some here too..
have a great weekend :0)

Christine said...

For Amanda is just stunning!I can't wait to see the whole thing

Karen said...

;O) I think I need a chat with your DH we need our house re wiring LOL does he fancy a visit to the sea.

Your wip are coming along very well I love the colours in both. My other package arrived the other day the one I sent the replacement for seems a naughty postman was keeping mail(10,000) in his house

Sally said...

Both your WIPs look good Karan. I love For Amanda. It's so pretty and delicate looking.