Friday, 4 April 2008

Plans Gone Awry.

I still haven't managed to start Part 3 of the For Amanda SAL and it's starting to get on my wick now. I was all set for a chill out with my DVD and stitching but DH didn't go to the school governor meeting, so was in at his usual time and gravitated towards watching Fred Dibnah and Porridge repeats. I was so captivated by these programmes I fell asleep in my armchair after tea. When I eventually woke up I felt all out-of-sorts and in no mood for anything, let alone stitching - falling asleep straight after a meal whilst sitting scrunched up in an armchair is definitely not recommended! Bleugh! When the indigestion finally went I cleared off to bed.

DH isn't sure yet whether the night out is going ahead or not (the words: booze-up, brewery, organisation and lack of spring to mind!), so the chill out may not happen tonight either. :0( Mind you, I don't plan on being made comatose by repeats of any programmes tonight if he stays in - that remote control was promised to me and I'm having it. Mmmmwaaaahhhaaahaa! ;0)

As there are no stitching pics (again) here's what I made during yesterday's cardmaking session:

The tag toppers were bought ready-made, from a seller on that well-known auction site, I just added the base card and some lovely printed vellums.
This one I've made for DH's DBro. Another ready-made topper, I just added a card and the extra paper layers.

Sally: I've vaguely thought about selling my cards but I have no outlet for them and there's also a lot of competition out there. I've also had previous dealings with the craft fair circuit, years ago: it's difficult to get in to and takes up valuable weekends, so I don't fancy that again. I also usually tend to only make cards for people I know, as that way I know their likes/dislikes, so each card is quite personal and made specifically for them. It's only this last couple of weeks that the urge to pre-make cards has started - I thought it would be nice to be organised, for a change. :0)

Well DS got to the appointment OK yesterday......... his boss took him and brought him back. Good job he did, as the docks there are huge and a rabbit warren and he wouldn't have found the place on his own. DS duly peed in the cup (on time Karen LOL) and all is fine: nothing illegal, nothing nasty going on and blood pressure/heart rate is fine - the only thing that was a bit off was his exhaling into one of those breathing thingies, it's not as high as it should be but that is due to his asthma. I reckon that means he's still got a job. :0)

Not sure what the plans are for tomorrow but Sunday we are off to my DSis's again, so DH can have a look at her burglar alarm for her: it's gone off a couple of times in the wee small hours and given her a bad fright. Not the nicest ways of waking up, as we know from experience. I also want a nosey at the new pots, herbs and plants she's bought for her garden, especially as there's a new variety of lavender among them that I've not heard of before - might have to beg some cuttings from it if it's really nice. ;0)

Well I'd best go as I'm determined to finally make a start on Part 3 of For Amanda, even if it's just a few stitches.

Hope you all have a good weekend, whatever your plans are. :0)


Rachael said...

Lovely cards you have made,I hope you manage to get some stitching done!!

Julie said...

I can so identify with your 'no more repeats' i have the same problem here!!! really does grate when there is something i want to watch LOL

Lovely cards, you are clever

Hope you get Amanda started and have a nice time at D'Sis's .... do tell what the new lavendar is called, i might want a bit too LOL

Sally said...

Hope you manage to get part 3 of your SAL started Karan.

Love your cards as always. I can understand why you don't want to go through the selling and craft fairs etc. I have an online acquaitance who tried it and she didn't do very well ( mind you her cards weren;t as nice as yours!)