Monday, 14 April 2008

No Rest For The Wicked?

Things have got marginally quieter here but not by much!

Sunday we did have a little lay-in but still had a few things to accomplish: DS cleared off first thing for his swimming trip with Alex and her kids saying something about "dinner at Alex's, Guild Room, mumble, mumble" on the way out the door, so we knew we'd probably not see him until tea time. We headed off to the Silica Lodge garden centre for our dinner and a look round: saw lots of nice pots from new ranges (didn't buy - no room to put any more yet) and was disappointed to realise they didn't have any lavender plants at all, let alone the new cotton wotsit ones.

As the weather was looking uncertain we decided to head for Homebase to have a look at the kitchens. That was a bit of a disappointment too: hardly any ranges and what was there was pretty basic, so we didn't hang around and headed off for a kitchen and bathroom showroom attached to Jackson & Shipley (a builders merchant). They were shut! So we shot off to B&Q to see what they had. Better! Nice Shaker style fronts in different wood effects and a better range of cupboard sizes, sinks, taps, worktops & electrical goods to go with - and they had catalogues we could take away with us. DH took pics of the beech fronts, worktops I liked, sink, hob and ovens available so we could upload them to the computer and play around with layouts and the like. Not sure I'm so keen on the build quality but at least we've got a better idea of what we do/don't like and what we'd like to fit into our kitchen.

After that we were thirsty, so we popped across to Stephen H Smith's garden centre across the road for a sit down, a warm drink and a shared scone from DH's cream tea - he was being a bad lad but I selflessly volunteered to help save him from some of those sugars and calories. ;0) LMAO. There was a new camping shop within the garden centre so we went for a nosey after and ended up buying two lightweight fold-up chairs which are ideal for both the back garden, taking on holiday or day trips out and in the caravan. DH got a slightly laid-back one with a head rest, for getting comfy in, and mine is more of a director's style so I can sit up comfortably and stitch. Of course I couldn't leave there without visiting the craft shop and I came away with this little haul:

Those small coloured squares bottom left are envelopes for some of the recent cards I made. No stitching done - too shattered! We sat and watched the Stardust DVD - lots of laughs in that and it was especially fascinating seeing Robert De Nero play a gay, cross-dressing pirate! LOL Here are pics of a couple more cards I made during my recent cardmaking session instead:

Monday DH was back to work for a rest LOL. I got on with my regular jobs, ready for Alex coming round in the afternoon, getting quite a bit done. Didn't find time for blogging, though I did manage to use the digicam, upload some pics to the computer and learnt how to crop them and the like. One of the pics is of Ink Circles Blackstone Fantasy Garden that I completed last July - I'm not sure how good the pic is, as I'm learning as I go along here, but thought I'd try posting and see how it goes. So, Helen, just for you:

Must say this was an absolute joy to stitch - hope you're doing well with yours. I'd love to see a WIP pic at some stage, as I'm curious to see the CC threads you subbed instead. :0)

Last night I did a little stitching on Night Watchman, so may post a pic next time as it's looking more like it's grown now.

Today I'm having a quiet day: the past few days busyness have taken their toll somewhat and I've got a few aches and pains and a niggling headache. Gave me a good excuse to sit and watch Dawn Bibby's session on QVC this afternoon - not that I needed much of one! LOL.

Received Part 4 of the Memories SAL last night and I've printed that out today but I think the printer must need a new ink cartridge because it's got some weird and wonderful colours on it! Won't start that just yet though: it's UFO Tuesday today (is it just me, or has that come round flippin' quick?) so ET and that ruddy metallic thread are coming out to play tonight........ for as long as I can stand it. DH and DS will be out, so at least they won't have to listen to me muttering away to myself and there's a Most Haunted on to keep me company. Yay!

Hope you all had a good weekend - hopefully I'll catch up with all your news in the next few days. Lynn: sorry but my computer still isn't keen on your blog and I don't know why. I can read it via Bloglines but am unable to leave comments. :0( Just wanted you to know I've been thinking of you (((((((((hugs))))))))).

Thank you to all for visiting and for the kind comments - hope my wafflings don't bore you too much. ;0)


Julie said...

IC is stunning and i love the cards

I hat DIY shops .. avoid them like the plague LOL

Mylene said...

Lovely cards as usual, Karan. Makes me want to do some too, but i have lots of stitching to catch up...
Have a good week.

Lynn said...

goodness me, you've been busy Karan! You need a holiday after all that running around lol

Lovely cards and IC :)

I've missed you on my blog, I don't know why you can't get it? Perhaps if you delete the link and put it in again, it might work?

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards Karan

Sally said...

Your cards are lovely Karan and I love your progress on the IC.

I don't think I'll ever think of Robert De Niro the same way after seeing him in Stardust! LOL! It's a fantastic film.