Wednesday, 16 April 2008


ready for that Happy Dance, as I got a band of metallic backstitching completed on ET last night. It's the blue and red band above and below her ear, if you can't tell (I can't and I know it's there - not a very good scan): When I'd done it I double-checked the chart and there's one more lot of backstitch left to do, on the vultures back end and tail - it cheered me up no end when I realised that bit is in good old DMC cotton and not the lousy metallic thread! It'll have to wait until next UFO Night though, as the next part of Memories is waiting to be done and I received the next Ozark SAL pack this morning....... plus I've yet to start the Caron Keeper for the Monthly Challenge. That's certainly enough to keep me busy and out of mischief for a while. ;0)

The Ozark SAL pack was a lovely one to open again as the threads are gorgeous - definitely a lot of my colours in this piece. I won't say what they are or what the next bit of the design is because I don't want to spoil anything for those who may not have received their packs yet. For those who aren't taking part: sorry, you'll have to wait and see - I'll post an update pic when it's done. LOL

Here are the pics of the fabric, from Creative Fabrics, that I mentioned in a previous post: Neutrals, and not so neutrals, for finishing stitched items or lining tins or making needlecases or whatever. :0)
This is sort of an "events" mix: Halloween; St Patrick's Day shamrock; Valentine's hearts; Bonfire Night star burst; Christmas rag dollies; Easter and Autumn buttons, with a sewing notions fabbie because I liked it and it'll come in for something at some point. :0) I think most eventualities are covered with that little lot.

Not sure what to stitch tonight but there's plenty of choice to go at - maybe I should toss a coin! LOL

Many thanks for all the kind comments: it's good to be able share all my crafts with you, as no one here shares the same interests, apart from my DSis (for papercrafts) and she doesn't live in the same town. :0( I still haven't had that promised catch-up with blogs yet - had to take pain killers again today, so have been limiting time spent sat in the computer chair - but hope to in the next few days, to find out what you've all been getting up to. LOL

Mylene: you do extremely well with your English and it's always a pleasure to read your blog. I'm envious of your ability to speak more languages than I ever could - all I manage is English and a very little French I learnt at school (many moons ago!). :0)

Thank you again to all for visiting - hope you're all having a good week, despite the return to miserable weather. :0)


Anonymous said...

Oh congrats on your nearly HD,Woohoo!!!
I got my ozark package as well today,I really need to start this before I get too far behind.
Lovely fabrics you have there.
Hope you feel better!!(Hugs)

Julie said...

I want UFO night to be tomorrow so we can break out the champagne and get sozzled!!!! I am so proud of you for your progress on this one.

Love the fabrics, nice mixture.

Sally said...

You will get there soon with your HD Karan! Cheering you on!

Stitchingranny said...

Nice to see ETs face again lol was beginning to think her head had fell of roflmao. I will be listening for the belly dancing music next Tuesday.

Love the fabrics.

Mylene said...

WOW! You are nearly with ET.
Beautiful fabrics you've received, Enjoy!

Thanks so much for the kind words about my English, Karan. I do get frustrated when i can't put into words what i want to write.
Speaking of French, i do wish to learn a bit of it someday. I do like the sound of the language.