Saturday, 12 April 2008

A Day Off Too Many?

DH booked the day off yesterday. If he has another morning like yesterday morning it'll be a while before he books another one off! LOL

The central heating developed a bit of a problem last week, cutting off after a minute or so, so things had started to get a might chilly. He checked the downstairs thermostat and the new tank he'd fitted and they were OK, so he needed to investigate further. As The Tank (our Isuzu 4x4) developed a noisy brake disk last week, and needed looking at as well, he booked Friday off to get a flying start on these jobs.

Friday morning he started looking at the piping and a valve on the heating system: the newspaper delivery chap rolled up for paying before I made it downstairs, so DH broke off to go pay him, then carried on with the job. Then he decided to boot up my computer for me (not sure why) and it wouldn't play, so he took it apart for a look at it and spotted a problem on the motherboard. As it then chose to boot up he put it all back together again and went back to taking the boiler valve apart. Next a chap from Anglian Water arrived to re-do the finishing around the stop tap cover (no prior warning!) with concrete (it'd been temporarily botched with tarmac). As it's situated right in the gateway and we wanted to go out in the car before it would have set DH parked it round the corner, before they started. He now stated that if anything else happened to distract him he was off into work for the rest of the day because he was fed-up, had had enough and needed a rest! Bless!
Back to the boiler valve and he discovered the motor in it is overheating, causing it to keep tripping out which turned the boiler off......... and he's now getting pretty hungry. A diabetic gets very grumpy when hungry!

Just as we were about to set off for the car, to go to the Pink Pig for dinner, the heavens opened, so we grabbed our brollies and legged it. Only, when we got to the Pink Pig we realised it was half term and, as it was raining, all those who would've normally been out on the Farm Walk were now inside the cafe having a warm drink and getting dry - not a single empty table in the place. We turned round, grabbed our bit of shopping, paid and set off for a local garden centre instead. We ordered our food and drinks but they'd been busy, so it took a while and the grumpy diabetic was getting grumpier by the minute. We finally started eating some time after two - the grumpy diabetic was all sweetness and light again after that. ;0)

Next up was a trip to Screwfix for the new valve motor and some more light fittings for my DSis. It was busy, so he went in and I sat in the car watching the black clouds and listening to the hailstones drumming on the roof and occasionally Classic FM on the radio. Boy, was there a lot of weather about! Next we popped to Poundstretcher so I could stock up on cleaning stuff and get another four-drawer storage unit for my cardmaking stuff - the first one went for my fabric stash, the second for my quilting fabric stash, so it's about time the cardmaking things had their turn! We never did make it into town to the bank, as was originally planned, but as there was all that weather plus a bit of thunder and lightning about I can't say either of us was unhappy about that! LOL

He fitted the new motor in the valve (after he'd had a sit down and a cup of tea) and we're all warm again. Yay!

I'd planned on getting all the hearts stitched on For Amanda: I managed to complete the outer two but realised I hadn't got the perle thread needed to complete the central one, so have had to put it away for now. I hadn't yet decided what fabric and threads to use for the Monthly Challenge piece so I couldn't start that, and I didn't want to start another stitching project, so opted for a cardmaking session instead, grabbing one of my Let's Make Card! packs and set to making some of the cards shown in the magazine:
I added a PaperMania butterfly dome sticker to this but think it may have been a mistake - a peel-off one may have looked better. This one is exactly as shown in the magazine:
As is this one:
I like this magazine and its packs because they get me to use brighter colours and try more retro/contemporary designs and slightly trendier goodies than I would normally go for. I'll post pics of the others I made another time.

Today has been a little less hectic than yesterday (much to DH's relief). A steady morning, then we walked down the local High Street to the Il Sorriso cafe for dinner: leek and potato soup with a hunk of bread, all home made, and a cup of Fair Trade coffee - yum! Into the sewing shop next for some wadding (batting) and various trims, a box of glass headed pins, a pack of printed papers (for male cards) and a pack of racing car embellishments that will be ideal for DH's birthday card. Not a bad haul for a little craft shop. :0)

We called in at the computer shop on the way home to get a price list for the computer systems they do because my poor baby isn't going to last much longer. :0( We won't be opting for the bright pink tower they had in their front window....... now if they had a lavender one....... LMAO!

Luckily the weather held off later this afternoon, so DH was able to have the wheel off The Tank and sort out the brake disk. Another job crossed off the list and he's a much happier bunny now.

Not sure what tomorrow's plans are yet...... guess that all depends on the weather. If it's wet it might be a trip to Homebase to look at kitchens, if it's dry (and not too cold!) it might be back to the new car hunt. Hopefully there'll be a chance to do a little stitching somewhere along the line....... there's a Challenge piece to complete! LOL

Hope you're all having a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by. :0)


Mylene said...

Enjoyed reading your post, Karan. I wish i can relate the way you do, but it take me forever to do right with my english...good to hear the heating system fixed.

Your cards looks great.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Lynn said...

GOODNESS ME KARAN, you've had a busy couple of days!!! Glad that DH is feeling happier now he's got his jobs done and some food in his tum lol

As always I love the cards, I made one for Jack's birthday but I never remember to take photo's of mine :(. Perhaps I'll pull it out and take one lol

Karen said...

you are lucky to have a DH that can sort the heating out |I have to find a trusted man who can lol and they are in plenty of demand round here. DH sorting the plumbing out ummmm no .
Great cards , and whats wrong with a bright pink tower lol I would have had one if I could :O)

Julie said...

Nice cards.

Poor DH, what a day! Glad you are all nice and warm again


Stitchingranny said...

Sounds like you have had a very busy and demanding couple of days. Time you just put your feet up and stitched I think.

Sally said...

Heck, Karan, I'm tired and need a lay down now! You certainly had a busy time! Pleased you've got your heating working properly again.

Those cards are lovely.