Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Here We Are Again....

another Tuesday UFO Night been and gone and another ET update to share. All of the backstitch on the right hand side of the collar in cotton thread is now completed: No HD yet but one is definitely looming on the horizon. :0) Next week it's back to using the horrible DMC metallic thread again. Mr Stick: your services may well be needed then. ;0) LOL

No further stitching was done on Night Watchman, despite best intentions, and there isn't likely to be any for a while now, as I've just downloaded Part 3 of the For Amanda SAL and want to tackle that next - so no update pic yet.

It's also Monthly Club time at Jayne's Attic and lookee at what the postie brought me yesterday morning:There's another glorious rainbow of Carries threads, with Sassy's French Vanilla fabric at the bottom and Jayne's Count On Me Sweet Peas fabric at the top. Oh, how I love the start of every month. :0) The COM so reminds me of my maternal Grandad's garden: when I was little he used to grow a beautiful swathe of sweet peas every year and would sometimes take the best of them to be exhibited at the local show. Such pretty, delicate blooms with a gentle scent - if I was really lucky he would sometimes let me pick a few to take home to put in a vase. I love those flowers and they always bring back lots of happy memories. I'll have to choose a special project for this fabric. :0)

I also received the special cut of Jonquil fabric that Jayne dyed, which is for the Papillon mixed stitch SAL. I'm hoping to have a play with thread colours soon but am not very confident, so I may shout for help with this. If I can stay focused and finish the For Amanda SAL promptly and get ET finished next week the Papillon piece is looking like the main candidate for my new start. Oh dear, Rosemarkie and Tanglewood get pushed down the To Do list once again! Please don't say start them all: I'm already in danger of becoming a serial starter and don't need any encouragement in that department at all, thank you. LOL

The Monthly Challenge piece for April has been revealed and the one with the most votes is the Caron Keeper freebie by Cynthia Zittel of The Drawn Thread. Not the piece I voted for, which was a blackwork design, but it was my second choice and is another one I haven't stitched before and will enjoy doing. Not sure what to do with this yet, as I don't have any 40ct or 36ct fabric - need to think about it and see if I get another Eureka! moment (maybe that's asking for a bit much - one a year seems plenty with the state of my brain at the minute. LOL).

So, stitching plans for this month are:

  1. Complete Part 3 of the Amanda SAL;
  2. Complete Part 4 of the Ozark Mystery SAL (not yet out);
  3. Complete Part 4 of the Memories SAL (not yet out);
  4. Choose fabric, threads and a finishing technique for the Monthly Challenge piece and complete it;
  5. Complete ET on UFO Tuesday Night (fingers crossed!);
  6. Do a floss toss for, then start, the Papillon SAL;
  7. Oh yes, nearly forgot - have a Happy Dance for finishing ET. LMAO

Finally, a big thank you for the recent lovely comments on my Challenge finish. They are much appreciated and help alot by giving me the confidence to keep trying these new finishing techniques. It's also been a pleasure to see everyone else's pieces and I'm looking forward to the next Reveal Day on the 27th.

Thanks again for stopping by - hope you are all enjoying the week. :0)


*JeSs* said...

I can't wait to see ET when finished. It's gonna look so gorgeous!

Julie said...

YAY more ET done, next week it's got to be a HD??? i'm having kittens here waiting to see if it's done or not LOL

Great stash mail too, i got my fabby and the colour is so pretty this time

Christine said...

ET is coming along realy well.
I'm hoping to start the Papillon piece myself this month, maybe we should nag each other? ;)

Sally said...

ET is looking fantastic Karan! Cheering you on for a happy dance!

Jayne's COTM fabby is gorgeous isn't it? I've loved it every month but this is my favourite so far.