Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Good Start - So-So Ending

Well yesterday got off to a good start with a pinkie from Jayne, containing my Lizzie*Kate pre-ordered chart Peace, Love and a Cure. I had my SIL Helen in mind when I spotted this and knew I had to stitch it and, when it's completed, if my MIL likes it I shall give it to her. I'm now looking for some pink fabric with the breast cancer ribbon on it, ready for finishing this into a little banner or wall hanging. Does anyone know where I can buy this online, please?

I'm not quite sure where most of the rest of the day went - between house jobs and the computer it just seemed to disappear on me, without having much to show for it. I had intended looking out some fabric and threads for the Monthly Challenge piece but even that didn't happen.

I stitched on Egyptian Tablet for two nights this week, thinking I was in line for a Happy Dance of mega proportions at the end of it, and here's the result of that:

Unfortunately this is where the so-so ending to the day came in. When I completed the collar I opened up the chart and spotted some backstitching markings on the body area of the vulture headdress, then unrolled ET to check. That's when the penny dropped with an almighty clang: I haven't yet stitched that bit........ there's at least another two Tuesday UFO Night's of work there......... and it's more backstitch in that damned DMC metallic thread.

I shan't repeat what I said because it would singe your ears and make your hair curl. >:0I

Those Egyptian belly dancing CD's will be staying put for a bit longer yet, so I guess there's a plus side to everything. ;0) LOL

After a good night's sleep I'm feeling more chilled now. ;0) It's still cold out but at least there's some sunshine and it's already tempted me outside: all the bird feeders are filled with seeds and peanuts and the sparrows are busy chirruping out the news and ram-raiding the sudden glut. Things got off to a good start when the fabric and fancy buttons I ordered from Creative Fabrics arrived first thing - they are lovely and the service was so quick. I think it was Diana who posted the link on JA/S&S, so thanks Diana! I shall have a play with the digi-cam in a bit and see if I can take some pics of them and the Ink Circles BFG (no, I haven't forgotten Helen! LOL), with a view to getting DH to show me how to do a transfer from there to the computer tonight, so I can share them tomorrow.

Julie: unfortunately I didn't take any pics of Alex's panels while they were here but I will certainly ask her if I can take pics and post them on here when she's completed the piece. Unfortunately I'm not sure how long that will be because she works full time as a teacher, as well as being Mum to three children and a writer - you should hear what she has to fit into most days! Oh, and the lavender plants my DSis bought are called cotton something or other (sorry, she did tell me but my memory is lousy at the minute) - they are only small, so I won't be taking any cuttings off them for a while yet.

Nicola: the fabric I'm using on the For Amanda piece is Pol's Georgian (as suggested by Jayne, as an alternative to the recommended one, which I wasn't so keen on) and the threads are Dinky Dyes silks: Eungella, Bush Christmas and Pearl (a thread pack, with beads and buttons, that I bought from Carol at Heirloom Embroideries). The SAL is currently running on a separate Yahoo forum to Carol's regular one. It's certainly a lovely piece to stitch.

Well I'd better head off and get a few things done - I'm determined not to let the day get away from me and to have a bit more to show for my efforts, than I did yesterday! LOL

A big Hello to the new folks who have visited )wave( and a big thank you to all who take time to visit and leave comments. You make my day. :0)


Rachael said...

Oh shame you have found more backstitching to do on the ET,Not long now though!!

*JeSs* said...

Hi Karan, maybe you should visit the think pink website to see if you could get some fabbie.

Karen said...

ET looks fab sorry you found you have more to do , I would love to know where to get fabric with Breast awareness ribbins on as well

Julie said...

{{big hug}} ET looks stunning, i think we will all be having a Hoe-down when you get this done, a group barn dance!!!LOL

Alex sounds like a very busy lady

Hazel said...

Ahhh yes. I think they should call it BB night (bleeping backstitch night).I don't swear but you get my drift. I think all my ufos are ufos because of the bb!! I'm cheering you on!! xx

Sally said...

Lovely new chart Karan:) I don't know where you'll get fabric with the breast cancer ribbon on.

ET is looking good. Sorry you didn't have a HD this week. I shall be looking forward to that in a couple of weeks:)

Lynn said...

Oh and I was looking forward to seeing ET all finished lol

The fabric your looking for? If you visit Helen's (Stitching granny) blog, she's got some that she bought on show with a link to were she got it from :)

Stitchingranny said...

Oh what an upset over ET Im not suprised think the air would have been blue here if that had happened to me.

As for BFG I will look forward to seeing a pic. Must remember to take my camera to Mums and take a picture of mine, which is growing slowly and ideal for stitching while we chat so I just leave it there.

As for fabric I did have a link on my posts a couple of weeks back as there was a piece to be won on the think pink website. Competition may still be open even.