Saturday, 26 April 2008

Saturday Surprise

During my solo evening last night I carried on with the Ozark SAL and got it finished:

Another lovely thread colour - really happy with how this is turning out so far. Wonder what next month's pack will contain? :0)

Oh, just in case you were wondering: I bottled it and didn't watch the Resident Evil DVD - decided I wasn't that brave after all........ although I did watch a Most Haunted repeat instead and an X Files afterwards so I'm not a total wuss. ;0) LOL

DS went off bright and early this morning, with Alex, to Brigg farmers Market, so there's a nice big corn-fed chicken to roast for tomorrow's dinner, organic veggies to go with and the fridge is re-stocked from our favourite fish and cheese stalls. He also brought back a few one-person portions of meat for the freezer, ready for when DH and I go on our weeks holiday in May - he can be quite self-sufficient when he wants and enjoys cooking.

The surprise bit for today is that, although he didn't get in until gone 2.30am this morning, DH hadn't indulged excessively. He was in that nicely relaxed state: swaying gently backwards and forwards as he attempted to get undressed, thinking he's being quiet when he's actually making more noise than usual. LOL He had a bit of a lay-in and after a meal he was more or less back to normal by the afternoon........ and felt even better after watching the Grand Prix qualifying session on TV, mug of tea in hand. No headache Julie, so no point in playing the radio loud - will save that one for when it is needed though. LMAO

We popped into the town centre to CRAM late this afternoon and the result is that they are building me a new PC in a posh black tower and it should be ready for picking up early next week. Yay!

The weather here today has been lovely - so much so that we sat out in the garden when we got back from town, enjoying the warmth, a cup of coffee and the birds singing. DH must have been feeling nicely revitalised because he then set-to and mowed the lawn........ and I enjoyed watching him. Eheheh!

Karen: sorry but my challenge piece pic is going to be late again - I've really struggled with a finishing idea this time but will send it as soon as it's done.

Anyway if I'm going to get that challenge piece progressing I'd best go and get on with it.

Hope you've all been sharing in the lovely weather and enjoyed a good day. :0)


Karen said...

Don't worry about the timing on the challenge I can add a photo any time,
Your Ozark is coming along well

Stitchingranny said...

The OS looks good Karan and sounds like you had a nice relaxed Saturday, hope the weekend continues in the same vein.

Sally said...

The Ozark SAL is pretty Karan. Nice progress.

I wouldn't have watched Resident Evil either! I don't do scary or gory!! Lol!

Pleased DH wasn't too worse for wear after his night out!

Julie said...

Ozark is coming on well.

I love to watch my DH in the garden, i am good at supplying tea and biccies for all his hard work, but don't do any gardening! LOL

Mylene said...

The Ozark SAL is coming along great!