Friday, 25 April 2008

Thank You - Gracias - Merci

So says the card I made a little earlier in the week : and that's what I'd like to say to all you lovely ladies for all the kind comments about ET. :0)
I still feel like pinching myself to make sure it wasn't a dream and she is actually finished. LOL

Thanks also to Sally and Karen for setting my mind at rest by letting me know that Helen and Dawn are OK. :0) BTW, Karen - best duck real low 'cos it'll be a very big brick! ;0) LMAO

A BIG WAVE to Helen - thanks for taking the time to comment (LOL about the belly!) and I hope you are recuperating well and not in too much pain (((((gentle hugs))))).

I started Part 4 (? - three SAL's on the go, I'm struggling to remember!) of the Ozark SAL on Wednesday, as planned, continued yesterday and still have four and a half letters to go - won't post a pic until it's finished though. Must say I love the way this thread colour stitches up and the alphabet is looking very effective. Can't wait to see what the next bit will be.

I've made a few more cards today. Two I can't show yet but this one I can:

which is for our friend Alex's little girl. As I hadn't written her birthday down on my calendar and DS only told me it was her birthday late this afternoon it was a bit of a last minute "Oh, bum - what shall I do?" panic make. Quite pleased with it though, as it turned out better than expected. The main embellishment is pretty neat: it opens up into a little 3-D display that says "on your special day" inside. Not sure how long that will last if Grace gets her hands on it though! LOL

I'm in charge of the TV remote tonight. Yay! DS has gone to Alex's for their regular D&D session and DH is out at the LISI Dinner............ please don't ask me what LISI stands for! All I know is that it's some kind of engineering Institute and this is their yearly posh dinner with speakers afterwards - basically a free meal and chance for a chat with some of the higher echelons in Corus on a social basis. DH was warned before he went out NOT to imbibe too much of the free booze that goes with the free dinner........ or else! Nope, I won't be taking bets on him having taken that warning to heart and I've got the "I Told You So" t-shirt all ready for the morning.

I am now trying to decide if I've got the bottle to go and watch DS's DVD Resident Evil: Extinction whilst in the house all on my lonesome. So far I've stayed quite happily in front of my PC, putting off that decision........... I've got a BA Honours Degree with Distinction in Prevarication, don't you know. ;0) LOL

Plans for the weekend include a trip to CRAM for a new computer and a continuation of the car hunt and new kitchen inspiration, hungover DH and weather permitting.

Whatever your plans are, hope you all have a good weekend. :0)


Mylene said...

Lovely cards, karan.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Stitchingranny said...

Lovely cards.

No pain just a little discomfort from all the gas, would you not think once they had finished they could just suck it back out again.

Have a lovely weekend and hope you find all you are looking for.

Lynn said...

lovely cards as usualy Karan :)
Resident Evil? I wouldn't be watching it even if the house was full of people!!

Hope you enjoy your week end, DH's hangover permitting rofl

Sally said...

Lovely cards Karan. You do such a lovely job.

Hope you have a good weekend. My DH is working today. Not often he works on a Saturday but you can't turn down the overtime these days:)

Julie said...

Beautiful cards, lucky folks who get a 'Karan card'

Good Luck with the shopping! Remember to switch the radio on loudly in the morning and sing so DH can wince a bit more at the pain ROFLOL

{{big hug}}

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards Karan, well done :)