Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I had a trawl back through my records and it looks like I started this particular piece some time back in 2005 and I finally put the final stitch in her last night, during Tuesday UFO Night over at JA/S&S forum.

Here she is, in all her unwashed/unpressed glory....... finally completed!

YAY!!! A BIG thank you to Julie and Mr Stick and the girls for all the encouragement and for keeping me motivated with this one. Believe me, with those hair/wig bands and the DMC metallic thread it needed a lot of help, so I didn't lose the will to live while stitching them!

I shall be back Tuesday next week with another UFO - undecided as yet as to which one, so will wait and see what screams the loudest! LOL

In the meantime I'm keeping my eyes open for a sandstone looking fabric to complete ET as a wallhanging, which I think will suit it better than it being framed. If anyone spots anything they think will be suitable whilst trawling the web or eBay then please give me a shout and point me in the right direction, thanks. :0)

I've now got a scroll frame freed up and plenty of new starts waiting to occupy it and am now trying to decide which one of them I fancy starting next: Long Dogs Rosemarkie? Ink Circles Tanglewood? Chatelaine's Autumn Dusk? This year's L*K Flip-Its? Or one of the many kits in my stash - such as Teresa Wentzler's Egyptian Sampler? Or a Dragon? If I knew how to set up one of those poll things down the side of my blog I'd throw it open for a vote 'cos I'm struggling to decide.

I also completed the stitching on the Monthly Challenge piece yesterday (definitely a good day! LOL) but am now stalled on the finishing. I know what I'd like to do with it but I can't find any instructions for anything like it and I'm not sure my skills are up to doing it off the top of my head - I don't want to risk ruining the stitched piece as I'm really happy with how it's turned out. Guess I shall just have to bite the bullet and have a go...... or bottle it and make something simpler - either way I've got to get it done and the pics sent to Karen before Sunday's Reveal Day.

My library and audio books are due back tomorrow, so I am revving myself up to have what will be only my second solo wander down to the library and back. Unfortunately I didn't rapidly follow up the success of the first trip, due to getting that lousy cough and cold and a few other problems, so it feels like I'm back at the beginning and starting out from scratch again. Oh, well - I'll get there eventually! :0)

BTW, has anyone heard how Helen (Stitchingranny) and Dawn (Mystic Stitching Witch) are and if they've both had their ops yet? Got everything crossed they are both OK but would love to know for certain.

Lynn: am still unable to comment on your blog but have been thinking of you. Sending lots of (((((((((hugs))))))))) to you too.

Many thanks to all my visitors for taking the time to visit and thank you for all the kind comments on my recent stitching, they are much appreciated. :0)


Karen said...

I heard from Helen :O)
I love the Long Dogs Rosemarkie I have this to do but I really need to finish the SS before I start another
Congratulations on your ET finish it looks fab, perhaps you should do another similar one so you have a matching pair LOL :O) and yes I am ducking before you throw a brick at me lol

tkdchick said...

Congrats! That looks awesome!

Julie said...

YAY YAY YAY !!!! happy dancing here for you ... well done, a fantastic finish.

Not heard about Helen or Dawn, i was wondering too.

Send me an email what instructions you are looking for Karan and i'll see if i have any saved, mines all done and pic emailed to Karen so i wont copy HONEST!

Hope the trip to the library goes well, its supposed to be nice and sunny tomorrow so a good day for a nice little walk {{hugs}}

Lynn said...

WOW Karan, ET is absolutely gorgeous!! Well done for sticking at it :)
Looking forward to seeing what you pull out for the next UFO night ;)

Sally said...

Wahoooooooooo!!! Congratulations Karen! He looks stunning!

I asked Lisa yesterday how Dawn was doing and she said she'd had her op and was home and much more mobile than Lisa expected her to be.

Christine said...

No wonder you are doing a happy dance, she is stunning!

Anonymous said...

yay! well done Karan! looks really great!

Stitchingranny said...

Im here and fine, though unfortunately not up to doing the belly dance with you - lol though i certainly got the belly for it at the moment.

Anyway a huge huge congratulations on what i know has been a real marathon for you at times.

Would give the TW a miss as though not the same to much of a muchness for the now. But will look forward to seeing what you do choose.

Mylene said...

Such a stunning piece!! Doing happy dance for you Karan!!
Well done.
Have a wonderful weekend.