Thursday, 3 April 2008

Not More Charts!

Said DH when he saw my latest acquisitions yesterday. Don't worry 'cos it's my money I'm spending, said I in reply. LOL So what were they? Charts from Carriage House Samplings I'd pre-ordered from Jayne earlier in the year and here they are:

I love mermaid pieces so this was a must-have when I saw it. Am not so keen on the beaded swags at the top - much prefer the cross stitch band that is given on the chart as an alternative and think I will complete my piece with that instead.
There was just something about this one that made me think of the Tree of Life, making a flower offering to the Lady and, strangely enough, taking flowers to the Crem for my Mum and Dad - but that's not a depressing thought, as I find doing that soothing, especially as the place where their ashes are is quite beautiful.
This one made me think of the Lord as a stag, running through a verdant landscape at the height of his power. I no longer find it strange that this type of imagery consistently pops up in the oddest of places - since realising that I am a Pagan, back in early 2004 (it took 40 or so years for me to finally realise and give a name to what I felt/believed), I see them as a sign that I am, at last, on what is the right path for me at this point in time. I shall enjoy stitching all of these but the last two will be that little bit more special. :0)

No stitching updates today I'm afraid because the planned start on Part 3 of For Amanda didn't happen last night but I did manage to finally catch up with all my blog reading and commenting instead. That was no mean feat, I can tell you - I thought I was pretty chatty but there are folks out there who could give me a run for the money (naming no names!) ;0) LOL
As I was up early this morning and got a flying start on my jobs I'm hoping to do a little stitching this afternoon, barring any more distractions. As I've already made a couple of cards today that's where the main distraction will come from! Will post some pics next time I blog.

DS seems to be enjoying the new job, although he's somewhat tired from the earlier starts - give him another week or so and he'll be in the swing of the new routine. He is definitely much happier with the earlier finishes that the early start gives him, as he now has time to chill and eat his meals, rather than gulp them down, before going to rehearsals and the like (it was always such a rush before). Today he has to travel over to a medical centre over in Immingham so he can go and "pee in a cup": as he is working in an environment where there are cranes and humongous fork lift trucks around it's a requirement that he's tested for illegal substances and alcohol (there's a regime of regular testing for all staff there, as in most industrial settings these days). He's hoping someone else from the firm is going so he can cadge a lift - he doesn't know Immimgham at all and doesn't want to risk getting lost and being late for the appointment. Fingers crossed he made it over there in time!

DH is at a School Governor's meeting tonight, then a night out with work colleagues tomorrow night (goodbye session with some of the Italians he's been working with), plus DS will be out at rehearsals and D&D those nights, so guess who will be in charge of the TV remote? Yay!! I may just finally get to watch the Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett) and The Tudors series DVD's. Anyone want to join me for a historical DVD and stitching fest at mine tonight and tomorrow night? Just bring some nibbles and your latest project - there are enough bottles of wine to tackle, from DH's stash in the cupboard under the stairs. LOL

BTW, Christine: nag, nag! LOL ;0)

A big hello to new folks stopping by and a big thank you to everyone for taking the time to visit and comment. :0)


Julie said...

How rude of DH to say that!! LOL

BTW ... great stash

Enjoy your peaceful time on your own, i could do with some of that, can you bottle me some up and send it down here....

Sally said...

Lovely new charts Karan. I was very good and didn't order any of those! ( yes I did say I was good! Lol!)

Karen said...

enjoy being in control of the remote lol, I would love to sit and watch historical movies with you but I am working from friday through to wednesday :O(
Nice Stash you have there. Hope your DS gets to pee in the cup on time lol, glad he is enjoying his new job

Christine said...

LOL! OK you got me, I haven't even pulled colours yet, but I need to finish a deadline piece I'm working on first!