Thursday, 26 June 2008

Another Ozark SAL Instalment

Glad to say that last night's plans worked out well and I managed to complete the second corner motif on the Ozark SAL. Here's a pic of how it looks now:

I rather like those motifs and it's another lovely colour - can't wait to see what the next pack brings. :0)

I didn't get the chance to stitch on anything else though, as that one motif took me all evening to finish. I don't know what it is with me and Ozark thread but I'm finding that it regularly knots up as I'm stitching, delaying progress while I have to fiddle it undone. Never known anything quite like it and it is soooo annoying when it happens for the umpteenth time - if it wasn't for the fact that I love the colours and am enjoying watching this mystery develop it would have gone orbital last night, the first unmanned stitchy mission to Mars! LOL

I also finally caught up with all the blog reading and commenting, as of last night. Yay! It was a pleasure to see all the lovely WIP pics, finishes and some beautiful exchange pieces - a real feast for the eyes. There are some new starts and soon-to-be new starts that I'm going to really enjoy watching develop in the coming weeks too. :0)

I got a good start to the day today, due to being up with the proverbial early bird. No worm catching for me though - it was to get all the preparations done for a rabbit and venison casserole that has now been simmering away in the slow cooker since around 9.15 am this morning. The smell is Mmmmmmm! There's also a full load of laundry out blowing on the line under the car port - the weather kept going really overcast, so I wasn't going to risk putting it out on the rotary drier (good choice: it's just started persisting down) - there's another load sorted ready to go out when this lot is dry. The downstairs loo has been scrubbed and polished so it's as fresh as a daisy plus a multitude of items have been tidied up and/or put away............ men seem to be allergic to doing that, I've noticed. When I've finished blogging (multi-tasking here: I'm also having my dinner) I'll be off to wash the pots. After all this virtuous housewife stuff an afternoon of crafts seems well in order, don't you think? ;0) That's if I don't fall asleep first! LOL

Jane: that book is his first in this series - he's since written two more. Don't think he's had much publicity as I also hadn't heard of him before finding this book.

Helen: I remembered Dawn had said she wouldn't have internet access for a while - had just wondered if anyone was in touch with her by phone/text and knew how the move had gone. She had said she would be glad when it was all over as things had been a nightmare so far, bless her.

Well that sink full of pots aren't going to wash themselves (I wish!) so I'd better get moving. OK, OK - busted........ what I really mean is: that afternoon crafts session is calling loudly and I want to get the pots out of the way so I can get on with the fun stuff. No pulling the wool over anyone's eyes, is there? LMAO

Many thanks to all who take the time to pop by - hope you're having a great day and that life is treating you well. :0)


Christine said...

The Ozark piece is beautiful!
How did the casserole come out?

Miss 376 said...

It must be really intriguing stitching without knowing what you're going to end up with. It is looking really pretty.
You sound a bit like me, get everything sorted and out of the way and then the real fun can begin. I went out early this morning with every intention of getting back mid morning to start knitting, but things never go to plan do they, didn't get started until after lunch. Looking forward to seeing what you got done soon

Julie said...

Your Ozark SAL looks lovely Karan, can't say i've used the threads before, but maybe i wont bother now!

Stitchingranny said...

"had just wondered if anyone was in touch with her by phone/"

I havent phoned as I dont like to ring at night in case it disturbs the children and I have been so busy myself at the weekends, but just put a post-it up to remind myself to ring on Sunday.

The Ozark SAL is looking great so far, such pretty and fresh looking colours.