Friday, 13 June 2008

A Thank You and a Needle Nanny

What's the best way to start the day? Getting stash post.
What's an even better way to start the day? Getting surprise stash post from a stitchy friend!
This week Karen not only gave me the kick in the pants I needed to finally get around to making up a Wish List (something that I'd been promising myself I'd do for aaaages) but she also very kindly RAK'd me this LHN chart that was on it:

Thank you once again Karen for your kindness and generosity and for not just making my day but my whole week. I love this design and will thoroughly enjoy stitching it! :0)

Yesterday the finishing for the Needle Nanny went better than I expected it to: it was fiddly but not that bad that I wanted to throw it through the nearest window in frustration. LOL
Here's the finished item: The picture is a bit blurry but it gives you the general idea. It's not perfect but as it was another first for me I'm pretty pleased with it and the learning curve means that the next one should turn out better. :0)

I also had a good evening stitching the details on the back piece of the JA/S&S Monthly Challenge item and got the bulk of it finished - just a few little bits to add tonight, then it's on with the finishing. I don't think I'll get time to do that over this weekend though: not yet sure of tomorrow's plans (the optician's appointment I thought we'd got in the morning isn't until next Saturday. Doh!) but I'm hoping we can go off on the Motorhome Hunt. On Sunday we are going to pick up my DSis, visit Rosehill to leave some flowers for Father's Day and then take her out somewhere, so we won't be home until late evening. I like to do the finishing on items in the day time, while I'm feeling as fresh as a daisy, rather than in the evening's when I generally feel more like the fertiliser underneath the daisy! LOL

Julie: your comment about the superglue made me LMAO. I was lucky as DH decided to do the honours and be the first to try out his own repairs. Thankfully we didn't need the help of the emergency services to prise him off it....... and the repairs seem to be working well so far. (Touch Wood!)

Karen: so glad you stopped your comment when you did, as that mental image would probably not have been good. ROFL. DH has re-positioned one of the rubber thingies under the seat (he reckons it was in the wrong place, so it kept slipping off the rim) and it seems to be OK now. Yay!

Well that's it for today...... and I can't believe just how fast this week has gone, can you?

Whatever your plans are I hope you all have a great weekend. Many thanks for visiting. :0)


Sally said...

Lovely chart from Karen. I've stitched this and it's so quick and easy.

Love the needle nanny.

Stitchingranny said...

Your needlenanny is just beautiful.

Julie said...

The needle nanny looks wonderful, looking forward to seeing your challenge piece too. I finished mine off this morning.

Thinking of you today Karan, hope you had a nice visit with DSis.

Christine said...

Your needle nanny is lovely!
Don't you just love it when husbands decide to fix things! Still they must have their little hobbies I suppose, mine is in the process of dismantling two sheds and moving them to the other side of the garden!!!!