Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Back To Stitching

After all the chat about other things and pics of my cards I thought it was about time this blog got back to what really matters......... stitching. LOL

As it was Tuesday yesterday it was, of course, UFO Night over at JA/S&S forum and time to choose a "new" UFO piece to stitch on. First out of the bag was Mistletoe by Lynda Bodkin of Loopylou Designs. This started out as a SAL piece on JA/S&S forum last year but because my Dad's condition started deteriorating (terminal cancer) I had to drop out after only completing the first part - all the bits stitched in the lavender coloured thread.

Last night's stitching was the green bits and not a lot got done really. Trying to get those lazy daisies to look like the chart representation was trickier than I thought, so it was slow going. I also had around an hour's interruption when my DSis rang- have to say that by that time it was most welcome. I think that I'm still associating this piece with some sad memories, as I didn't enjoy stitching on it at all. Think it might be best to put it away again, choose something else to stitch on next UFO Night and come back to this at a later date because I would still like to finish it at some point, as it's a very pretty piece.

Next up is an update on Cleo, as promised. Here's where I got up to:
Her face definitely looks a tad freaky at the moment, sort of Alien meets Halloween. LOL It's 1 over 1 Petit Point and is best done in small doses, so it's slow going. I don't know what metallic thread is in this kit but it's lovely to work with and way nicer than the DMC stuff I had to use on ET - there hasn't been any waste at all. I'll be glad to pick her up again, especially as I've been listening to my Egyptian music CD's and am so in the right mood. :0)

I actually started listening to the CD's in an attempt to drown out the sound of building work going on next door: all that banging, hammering and drilling started Monday and has continued on and off since. I don't mind folks having work done but I can find it stressful (ie bad for my blood pressure) so the music came out in an effort to stop the wind up. Best idea I've had in a while: have been listening to music from around the world, from Japanese style to Native American to Peruvian panpipes to Celtic to Egyptian, with a little English folk music and a variety of New Age music thrown in for good measure - those builders will end up with the best all round world music education ever by the time they've finished this job. LMAO

I've learnt that when there's boring housework to be done the Egyptian music is the best to listen to: jobs get done in a fraction of the time, it's waaaay more fun and lots more calories get burnt when you wiggle while you work........... sooooo glad no one could actually see me though! LMAO
Check out the New World Music site and do a search for Phil Thornton to listen to samples of the music, if you're curious. There are even more samples of alternative and relaxation music to listen to here if you feel the need to chill. BTW, no affiliation to either: just bought from the NWM website and from AV at the M,B&S events I go to and been happy with the goods.

Karen: if you have any New Age style shops near you they will probably advertise M,B&S events - local Tourist Boards should also have info. Better still: Google Mind Body Spirit or Mind Body Spirit events and all kinds of interesting links come up. Hope this helps you find an event in your area. :0)

As yesterday's planned sessions of stitching whilst watching Dawn Bibby and then having a blog reading catch up didn't happen, due to getting side-tracked, I shall try again today.

Thank you to all for taking the time to visit and to those who leave comments - very much appreciated. It let's me know I'm not waffling away to myself LOL. :0)


Karen said...

Karan I have learnt when there is boring housework to be done let DH do it!!!!!!! ;o)

Sally said...

I'd forgotten you started Mistletoe Karan. It looks lovely and I can't wait to see more of it.

Cleo is coming along nicely too.

Hope all the banging stops soon. I'm wondering what's going to happen next door to us. They disappeared a while ago and we found out they'd declared themselves bankrupt. Guess the house will be up for auction soon. Just hope we get nice neighbours!

Miss 376 said...

I enjoy the waffly bits, lol

I can associate with the bad memories associated with pieces. My mum had been knitting a jumper when that had a break in. The burglers had tipped it out of the bag and it had got tangled. She could never bring herself to touch it again, so I had to finish it for her.

Good luck on getting projects completed

Julie said...

Cleo looks lovely Karan. Thanks for the links to the music sites, i've saved them to have a good look.

Hazel said...

Thats a pretty design! I have never done hardanger. x

Lynn said...

I'm finaly catching up on the blogs I've missed over the last couple of weeks and you've been so busy!!
Cleo is lovely (if a bit spooky) lol and your cards are fab as usual :)
Hope next door quiet down soon.

Stitchingranny said...

Mistletoe is lovely, and as it brings back sad memories maybe you could stitch it as a tribute to his courage in those last months.

I do hope the inscrutable smile will disappear before long, poor woman looks constipated.

My Mums neighbours had a big extension built on the side of the house (almost doubling the size of the house). It started last March and though the building work has finished they are still working inside. Somedays she has to go out just to get away from the noise.

Nicola said...

Karan, if you send me your e-mail address I can let you know about the cottages and also send you the link for the website. My e-mail is in my profile.