Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A Card and The Other Royal

I definitely left my brain in bed yesterday as I kept forgetting to do things. One of the things I forgot to add yesterday was a pic of the card I sent to Lynn (although I guess most of you have seen it already on her blog). I wanted to post a pic though as this is a particular favourite, one of those cards where I thought of the person it was to go to and everything just flowed together: I love those PaperMania (larger) and Prima (smaller) flowers, though I don't have very many in my stash (NB Must have a trip to The Range some time soon to rectify that. ;0) )

Here's the other Royal currently visiting my house - Cleo, as promised: She's looking a whole lot less freaky now, isn't she? LOL I had wanted to stitch the full size version of this design but there's only so much wall space in this house...... and it's already had one room extension built on the back. That's definitely one very messy and expensive way of generating extra display space, so we won't be doing that again any time soon. This smaller size was ideal, as it meant I could also go for the other kits in the same range - I can display four of these pieces in the same space that one large one would have taken up. :0) See, I can be practical when I have to. LMAO

Last night's plans went to pot: I didn't get off from behind the computer to go start the next part of the Ozark SAL after all. I decided to go check my emails, then remembered I'd half started an order for household bits we needed from Lakeland Ltd so went to complete that and check out their Sale items - there were some rather nice cardmaking goodies going very cheap and they proved to be as bouncy as Jayne's stock. Of course, once those goodies have decided they want to come and live at my house it would be rather harsh not to let them now, wouldn't it? ;0) Then I called in at JA/S&S Forum for a final check round and by then it was bedtime. Still, it made for a pleasant evening and there's a nice parcel on it's way - can't say I'm overly excited about the new mop and bucket, defrosting box etc but that cardmaking stash will be most welcome. LOL

I should get quite a bit of stitching done the next couple of evenings though and I'll be in charge of the TV remote as well. Yay! DS has asked DH if he'd help out with the technical/lighting side of a Stars In Their Eyes event (children's dance/performance group that have links with the LTC) and he's said yes. He used to be involved with the LTC back when he first moved here and he's always wanted to get involved again, so it's just the excuse he was looking for. As I haven't got a technical bone in my body I shall be happily staying home to stitch and generally chill. Anyone want to join me? LOL

Right, I am off to go fill up the bird feeders, to keep those ram-raiding sparrows happy, then have a catch up with blog reading and find out what you've all been up to - lots of lovely stitchy pics to look at, I hope.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and for the kind comments. Hope you're all having a good day. :0)


Anonymous said...

Very pretty card! and love Cleo,I wouldn't mind putting up with some mess for an extension..(lol)as long as the mess stayed away from my stash!

Karen said...

Cleo is looking great , you made a lovely card for Lynn

Lynn said...

I think Cleo is coming along beautifuly, she's going to be fantasic when she's finished :)

THANK YOU once again for the card and gifts, I've been showing the note pad around and giving every one a laugh lol

Julie said...

Cleo looks superb

You are lovely sending Lynn such a beautiful card

Miss 376 said...

Hope you enjoy having control of the remote and get some stitching done. Thanks for your visits and comments, much appreciated. Suddenly realised (yes, it sometimes takes a bit of time) you're not really all that far from me.

Christine said...

Cleopatra is looking good, especially considering she's about 2000 years old ;D
Pretty card too.

Sally said...

You're stitching up a storm on Cleo Karan. She's looking good.

Lovely card you made for Lynn.

MMm DH is working today so Abi thought she'd have control over the remote but he rang a while back to ask if I'd record the Moto GP qualifying for him and as we don't have Sky Plus Abi's control has now gone! Lol! TV is on Eurosport until 4pm!

Mylene said...

A lovely card and Cleo is looking wonderful.
Hope you are having a nice weekend.

Stitchingranny said...

Well she may have shaved off the moustache, but she could still do with a lesson in the make up department - that blue eye shadow is very dated lol.

Just teasing Karan she is looking good. Card is lovely and as for peaceful evenings stitching - Oh yes please I would love to join you.